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Chapter 495: Hope

Translator: Lonelytree

“Why are you looking for me” I asked calmly.

Xiao Yi said with a sobbing tone, “Sister Xing, I need to know if youre okay.” As he spoke, he showed me a small piece of paper in his palm and clenched his fist.

I remained calm.

“Come with me.

Stay with me!”

I stood up, and Xiao Yi got up to follow me.

He sobbed, “Sister Xing, can you tell them to let me stay with you”

I kicked a person who was standing in front of me.

“You will stay with me.

Lets see who dares to chase you away!”

That was fun.

Xiao Yi followed behind me happily.

His tears stopped.

I brought him to the pond in the small garden.

I grabbed some fish food and walked to the pond to feed the fish.

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I had named almost every fish in the pond.

I was very bored.

“Where have you been all this time” I asked Xiao Yi while feeding the fish.

Xiao Yi stood behind me respectfully and said, “They had me doing odd jobs.

They are building a small garden by the beach.

So, mostly I was doing construction.

Sister Xing, Im really tired.

I want to stay with you.” He said in a low voice, “Sister Xing, Master Si will come to pick us up in three days.”

My hand paused for a moment, but I didnt turn around.

“How did you get them to find us” I lowered my voice.

Xiao Yi hurriedly said, “I wandered around the place and ended up beaten up a lot.” He said in a low voice again, “I installed the GPS devices in many places.

They are rough, but they get the job done.”

Xiao Yis voice was filled with resolute anger.

I smiled.

“Alright, youll stick with me from now on.

You have to sleep in the corridor outside my room at night.”

“Okay!” Xiao Yi agreed happily.

I couldnt hide the joy in my heart.

My uncle was finally coming to pick me up! I could finally go home and see Jing Tian!

I couldnt help but cry.

It didnt matter if Jing Tian didnt remember me.

I was satisfied just by watching him from the side.

I hadnt seen him for ninety-three days!

Ninety-three days!

Every minute and every second was a torment to me.

But as long as Jing Tian was safe and sound, it would be fine!

I hadnt seen Mr.

Tong Hui since the last time I saw him.

Ma Ji came to draw my blood twice since then.

I wasnt interested in his life or death.

I couldnt care less.

I already had one uncle, and that was enough.

I wasnt interested in a vampire to be my new uncle.

I had been here for a long time, but I still hadnt figured out the topography of this place because I wasnt allowed to wander far.

It wasnt until Xiao Yi arrived that I realized that this place was close to the sea and was an island.

Therefore, it was impossible to escape without a ship.

It was pointless to even think about it.

However, that didnt mean I was sitting idle.

I caused as much chaos as I could.

After all, what did they expect me to do without a computer, phone, or internet

I often summoned my fiery persona out.

It helped to destress and to help with my training.

Tong Huis subordinates were extremely tolerant of me.

It was obvious that they had received orders from their superiors.

It soon became very boring because they wouldnt fight back.

The Tong family was indeed extraordinary.

I failed to gather any valuable information.

No matter how much I bullied them, they didnt complain.

They were like living punching bags..

Eventually, I had to give up.


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