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Chapter 501: Banxia

Translator: Lonelytree

“Miss, the wind is strong.

Lets go back.” Banxia, who was standing behind me, gently put a coat over my shoulder.

I watched the sunlight jump on the surface of the sea as if it was making its final struggle.

In the next moment, the rays appeared to be tired and plunged into the sea.

The sea swallowed its golden light and rippled with satisfaction like a giant glutton.

I sighed lightly.

It was the same every day.

I put on the sleeves and stretched.

“Is there anything good to eat today”

Banxia pursed her lips and smiled.

“Dont worry.

Its all Misss favorite.

The chef changed again yesterday.

I heard from Uncle Lin that he could even cook the Man-Han banquet.

Im sure youll be satisfied.”

I was tired.

“I dont have any appetite.”

Banxia hurriedly said, “Miss, please take a look first.

Perhaps your appetite will return when you take a look at them Plus, you have to tell them what you dont like so that they can improve next time.

Miss, give them a few chances.

Theyll definitely surprise us in the future.”

As I walked, I gave her a side glance.

“Are you afraid that they will all be fired Youre being too kind!”

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Banxia smiled apologetically.

“They are only here trying to find a job.

Please dont make things difficult for them.”

I didnt say anything.

Banxia was very happy because I had relented.

I was just lazy.

I didnt want to deal with anything anymore.

“Ask them what food can improve my brain activity and memory.

Ill eat them as medicine.” I told Banxia as I walked lazily.

Banxia immediately perked up.

“Dont worry, Miss.

The housekeeper knows that.

The kitchen has been preparing all sorts of brain-stimulating dishes for you every day.”

I looked at the huge mansion in front of me.

It was like a monster crouching under the sunset.

I was in a bad mood.

“Banxia, can you get me a doctor to crack open my head and fix whats broken I dont want to eat those disgusting things anymore.

Even after all those meals, I still cant remember a single thing.”

Banxias smile disappeared, “Miss, you shouldnt say things like that.

Im sure everything will be fine.”

I didnt say anything.

Banxia carefully looked at my expression.

“So what if Miss cant remember the past.

Why must you remember it I think its good that you cant remember it.

If I could forget the days when I was beaten and scolded, Id be so happy.”

I turned my head to look at Banxia.

Banxia was an orphan.

When I picked her up, she was beaten until she was on the verge of death.

I treated her back to life and gave her the name Banxia.

My name was Nanxing, and her name was Banxia.

After some healing, Banxia turned out to be a pretty little girl, so I left her by my side to accompany me.

I didnt talk much, but she talked a lot.

She often said childish things to make me happy.

I liked her very much.

She was also my best listener.

She listened to my thoughts, and she would often give her opinions too.

I felt comforted around her.

“Banxia, if you lost something very important, would you want to get it back” I asked her.

Her eyes blinked, and she was hesitant.

“For example, your salary last month and your wallet were stolen..

Would you want to get it back” I asked her patiently.


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