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Chapter 508: Computer Center

Translator: Lonelytree

Banxia muttered, “Its over.

What should we do now!”

My heart sank.

After the explosion, the island fell into darkness again.

The only light was the burning security camp.

“Miss… Miss… Lets get to the computer center.

I heard from the guards that no matter what happens, the power there will not be cut off.

“Banxias voice was trembling.


Computer Center

It was as if a bolt of lightning flashed through my mind.

My head felt dizzy, and my body swayed.


A strange feeling rose in my heart.

I unconsciously lowered my head to look at my fingers.


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“Miss” Banxia nudged me.

“Where is it” I asked her.

“Follow me.” Banxia pulled me along the shadow cast by the rock and ran carefully.

I followed Banxias footsteps, my heart beating like a drum.

I had never known there was a computer center on the island.

Why did no one tell me

I had never touched a computer before, but after Banxia mentioned that, my fingers felt a throbbing sensation.

Gunshots rang out one after another, some sparse and some dense.

From that, we could judge where the fighting was most intense.

Banxia pulled me into the darkness.

The human potential was limitless.

In this life and death situation, we guarded each other.

We fell and got up.

It was a sorry situation.

Finally, I saw the light in front of me.

I finally understood why I didnt know there was a computer center.

It was situated at the back mountain where I never visited.

A guard was bitten by a snake here.

I was afraid of reptiles, so my uncle had listed this place as a restricted area.

I had never set foot here before.

There was no reason for me to come here in the past either.

Banxia dragged me down the path.

The brightly lit computer center was like a sign.

It was a sign of hope, but my heart was cold.

Obviously, this was the core of the entire island.

It was chaotic outside, but the computer center was like in its own bubble.

Once we approached, ten guns pointed at us.

Banxia said in a panic, “This is Miss! Dont you guys recognize Miss Theres an enemy invasion.

You need to let us go in and hide.

We have to protect the Miss!”

The guards looked at us.

They didnt move.

These people were not ordinary guards.

I had not seen most of them before.

I had lived on this island for three years already.

I thought I knew everyone and every place on the island, but I was wrong.

I stood facing the guards.

Banxia was so anxious that she stomped her feet.

The sound of footsteps came from behind.

I didnt turn around.

The guards didnt react, so the new arrival had to be one of us.

Banxia turned around and was ecstatic.

“Brother Lu!”

I was half relieved when Lu Heng arrived.

Lu Heng was my uncles closest guard and also the head guard.

Lu Heng raised his hand, and the security guards put down their guns.

“Miss! Quickly follow me in,” he said calmly to me.

I didnt say anything and followed behind him into the computer room.

The light from the incandescent lamp made me a little dizzy.

At that moment, an image flashed through my mind.

There were many computers, white walls, and cheerful laughter.

“Nanxing! If you continue to be mischievous, Ill throw you out!” An irascible and helpless voice sounded.

Following that, I heard a soft laugh.

“Nanxing, ignore him.

Do your job..”


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