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Chapter 520: Memories

Lu Heng followed me in large strides.

I was unhappy.

Lu Heng said as he drove, “Miss, that person is Jing Tian!”

I knew that because he had already introduced himself to me.

“He knows me,” I said flatly.

He wanted me to go back home with him, but he already had a female companion beside him.

And he didnt chase after me when I left.

Lu Heng asked me carefully, “Miss, do you have any impression of him”

I lightly shook my head.


Lu Heng stopped talking.

I tightly hugged the computer in my arms, but my thoughts drifted to God knows where.

“Miss, you should ask Uncle Vincent to find you a doctor to see if your memories can be recovered,” Lu Heng said softly.

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I looked at Lu Heng in surprise.

Was he sincere

Lu Heng looked at me with concern.

He continued in a low voice.

“Sometimes, amnesia is a good thing.

Take Sea Wolves, for example.

Everyone wishes for amnesia.

We dont want to remember the people who have died.

That way, we dont need to live in constant pain.

But Miss, without your memories, youre like a floating kite.

You are unhappy, and you cant find your way.”

“Lu Heng, do you know how I lost my memories” I probed.

Lu Heng shook his head.

“When Miss first arrived on the island, Miss was already sick.

Miss had a head injury and was in a coma.

After half a year, you finally left the sick bay.

We were instructed to protect you no matter where you went.

There were cameras everywhere on the island.

When we were on duty, we often saw Miss by the beach… meditating.”

“… I was just wasting time.” I corrected him.

Lu Heng said, “Miss memory loss might be caused by a head injury.

Let the doctor treat it.”

Im afraid that it was not that simple.

“Lu Heng, Uncle has two guard teams, right And you lead one of them” I changed the topic.

“Yes, the other team is called Sea Eagles.

They are Sirs personal guards.

I dont think any of them survive that day.” Lu Heng lowered his voice.

“Was the Sea Eagles with me when I arrived at the island” I looked out of the window and purposely avoided looking at Lu Heng.

“Yes, Sea Eagles and another team called Sea Panthers went on the mission to rescue Miss.

Sea Panthers was wiped out, and half of Sea Eagles were sacrificed before they managed to save Miss.” Lu Hengs voice dipped.

“Do you know any details about that mission Where did the Sea Panthers rescue me from Who was the enemy” I leaned against the car window and listened to the story seriously.

Lu Heng gently shook his head.

“Its against the rule to ask about the other teams mission.

However, Sea Wolves has never been on good terms with the Sea Panthers, so we didnt mourn their loss.”

I was a little surprised that Lu Heng actually said such a thing.

I couldnt help but laugh.

Lu Heng felt more like a human.

“I didnt know that there was a computer center on the island until the day of the accident, “I said softly.

Lu Heng nodded.

“It was an order from Sir to forbid Miss from having access to any computer.

He said that Miss had a serious internet addiction.

However, some of the guards were confused.

Since Miss had lost your memories, why would you still retain the internet addiction”

Lu Heng looked at me.

“Miss, your eyes lit up when you saw the computer earlier.

It reminded me of what they said.

Miss, do you know how to use the computer”

I looked at the computer in my arms and nodded.

“I think so.

Or at least my fingers know.”

I was not lying.

The muscle memory was locked into my fingers.

When my fingers touched the keyboard, I automatically knew what to do..


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