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Chapter 521: Old Friend

Translator: Lonelytree

Lu Hengs face was filled with worry.

He had already determined that I was an internet addict!

I said helplessly, “Dont worry, I wont be addicted.

Im not a child anymore.

Besides, isnt it good if theres something for me to do”

Lu Heng was speechless.

It was obvious that he was at a loss whether to accompany me, restrain me, or obey me.

Did he treat me as an adult or a child I didnt want to give him any orders.

He had to come to a decision himself.

My body and my consciousness were awakening as the other things faded away.

I couldnt say what they were, but I knew that I was slowly returning to myself.

I wasnt in a hurry at all, except for the fact that I wanted to meet someone, Jing Tian!

I adjusted the back of my chair and leaned back.

I slowly closed my eyes.

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I went through every single detail in my mind.

I carefully examined every word he said.

My heart warmed when I thought of him.

He was my lost love.

That was what I believed.

The most urgent thing for me now was to figure out who I was, where I came from, and what kind of relationship I had with Jing Tian

I didnt like that pink idiot who stuck to him.

She was annoying, but she was clearly close to him.

What kind of relationship did they have

I believed I was feeling jealousy.

When I got home, I jumped out of the car and rushed to set up the computer.

However, I was stopped by Daisy.

She said that there was a guest who wanted to see me.

Jing Tian

I was ecstatic.

I stuffed my computer into Banxias arms and followed Daisy.

I was full of joy.

Jing Tian must be the person I loved the most, and I must be the person he loved the most.

That was why he wanted to see me so badly.

With him by my side, I could slowly recover my past!

However, the smile on my face froze when I arrived in the living room.

I saw a completely unfamiliar man in front of me.

He was very good-looking, gentle and handsome, with a slender figure.

He was an Adonis standing there.

I thought every man outside uncles island was good-looking.

However, they paled compared to this man.

“Nanxing, its really you!” The man rushed over excitedly, wanting to hug me.

I was so scared that I hid behind Daisy.

Daisys waist was wide enough to block me behind her.

The mans hand fell empty.

He was stunned for a moment and smiled sadly.

“Im sorry, Nanxing.

Did I scare you Its all my fault.

I was too excited to see you!”

I silently walked out from behind Daisy and looked at the man standing in front of me.

He and Jing Tian were similar but different.

The similarity was that both of them had a kingly aura that couldnt be ignored, and they both had that gentleness.

The difference was that Jing Tian made me want to rush over and hug him.

As for the man in front of me, my will and body couldnt help but stop at a safe distance.

Under his attentive gaze, I explained politely and distantly, “Hello, Im sorry, but I dont remember you.”

He looked at me in astonishment, his disappointment, and frustration evident on his face.

I explained, “Im sorry, Ive fallen ill and lost my memory.

I dont remember anything.”

He looked at me in surprise and asked carefully, “Really Nanxing”

I nodded..

I was afraid that he wouldnt believe me, so I nodded again.


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