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Gu Nian was different from Jing Tian, even though I had no memory of either of them.

However, the fact that he had taken a knife for me and almost died still mattered.

I couldnt just ignore the fact that he had saved my life.

Seeing him safe, I felt a sense of inexplicable peace.

Daisy was about to show him around the grounds when he looked at me and smiled.

“Nanxing, Ill take a raincheck.

Well talk again in the future.

I heard that you were here, so I rushed over to see you as soon as I could.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing you safe and sound.”

He picked up a pen and paper from the coffee table and started writing.

I was a little curious.

He handed me the piece of paper.

“Nanxing, this is my contact information.

Keep it.”

I took the piece of paper and nodded slightly.

I glanced at the contents of the piece of paper and sighed softly.

I really couldnt remember anything.

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Gu Nian took his leave.

Daisy and Banxia still stood at the door even after Gu Nian had disappeared around the bend.

I looked at them, amused.

Daisy finally turned around with a motherly smile on her face.

“This young man is really not bad.

Im glad that Miss has such a friend.”

Banxias eyes sparkled.

“Hes so handsome! Hes perfect for our Miss!”

I looked at them quietly and didnt say anything.

The two of them spared no effort to praise Gu Nian.

They finally raised their head and saw my speechless expression.



The two of them looked at me in pleasant surprise.

“Are you in such a hurry to marry me off” I looked at their exaggerated expressions and asked calmly.

Banxia clapped her hands.

“Miss, you also like this Mr.

Gu, dont you Weve never seen such an outstanding young man on the Sirs island before! Sir is right.

There are many outstanding men waiting for Miss outside the island.”

Daisy said, “Miss, theres no rush to get married.

You have to get to know more men.

Its necessary to have comparisons.”

I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Forget it.

Why argue with them about this

Vincent walked in hurriedly.

“Miss, Young Master Jing Tian has sent a lot of gifts over.” The shock on his face made me think that Jing Tian had sent a car full of bombs over.

He handed the gift list to me.

I took it and looked at it.

“Its all food.

Is there anything special about it” I asked him in puzzlement

Vincent looked at me.

“Miss, are they your favorite food”

I looked at the list and nodded.

That appeared to be true.

The taste was already dancing on my lips.

Vincent was speechless.

“How did he find out what Miss favorite food is Daisy and I dont even know about this.”

Daisy reached out and took the gift list.

“Jing Tian Vincent, is the person youre talking about Hes the nephew of the President”

Vincent nodded.

“Who else could be generous enough to send over a whole truck of gifts”

“A whole truck” I couldnt help but be surprised.

Vincent nodded again.


Miss, I had to clear out a space for the gifts.”

There was an obvious smile in Vincents eyes.

There were already servants carrying the items in.

Vincent happily instructed them to put the items in their appropriate places.

Daisy beamed with pride.

Banxia ran over to watch the show and then came back with a big fuss.

“Miss, arent you allergic to chocolate But I saw several types of chocolate!”


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