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Am I allergic to chocolate I honestly didnt know.

I looked at Banxia, puzzled.

Banxia counted on her fingers seriously.

“Madam Ma Ji said Miss cant take chocolate, coffee, milk tea, black tea…”

She chattered on and on.

Daisy and Winson were taking notes.

They were shocked when they heard how fragile my constitution was.

I was basically allergic to every food in the world.

Daisy sighed again and again.

“No wonder Miss is so thin…”

While they were discussing my diet, I followed the maids to the room where they placed the gift.

Jing Tians gift was very special.

There was some food that I hadnt seen before.

For some reason, I felt lured by them.

My instincts told me that Jing Tian must have gone through a lot of trouble to find all of my favorite food in such a short time.

I took a box of white chocolate back to my room.

After unpacking it, I hesitated for a moment and then put a piece into my mouth and closed my eyes.

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It melted in my mouth.

The chocolate was so delicious!

Am I allergic to chocolate I have no clue. I never had the chance to eat chocolate on my uncles island.

However, Banxia said I was allergic.

She knew more about me than I did.

Why was I allergic to chocolate, coffee, and tea What was common about them

My hand unconsciously reached for my new computer.

I need to find out their connection.

I was startled by the thought in my head.

I somehow knew that was the easiest way to find the answer.

My hands and brain appeared to be separate.

There were many things in my head that didnt make sense.

My hands moved on their own.

Once they touched the keyboard, my fingers seemed to come alive.

After a moment of shock, my brain gradually began to get on track.

Before I knew it, I had eaten half a box of chocolate.

It was really, really delicious.

Chocolate could help me gain weight.

That was just right.

I was too skinny.

Daisy had said so.

Furthermore, that pink woman had insulted me by calling me a walking stick.

She was laughing at me!

Did this mean Jing Tian dislikes my skinny figure as well Was that why he gave me chocolate

Regardless, the chocolate was really delicious.

I was confused because I didnt feel any allergic reaction.

Just at that moment, my stomach started to cramp.

The next thing I knew, there was a sea of nausea.

I quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom.

I vomited.

My stomach twisted with pain.

My forehead was full of sweat.

This was more than an allergic reaction.

I felt fear.

I began to cough up large mouthfuls of blood.

Daisy, please save me!

I shouted in my heart, but nothing but vomit came out of my mouth.

The pain made my mind go blurry.

The color of the blood made me dizzy.

Was I going to die Because of chocolates

I pressed my hand against my stomach.

Something tore inside my stomach.

The pain made me curl up into a ball.

My mouth opened, and another volley shot out.

The intense pain drained me.

A few more blood clots came out.

My eyes turned black.

I used all my strength to spit out another mouthful.

I felt like I had spat out my entire stomach.

There was nothing left.

Through the blur, I saw something black floating inside the toilet bowl.


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