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He nodded slightly.

“Theoretically, its possible.

Ive brought the Chinese medicine doctor with me.

Well cooperate in dealing with the toxins.”

I nodded.

Daisy was pleasantly surprised.

“Doctor Lin, do you mean that Miss poison has been cured”

Lin Ran nodded.

“Im not sure what happened in between, but the second blood sample I took shows that there is very little poison in her body.

It hasnt been completely cured yet, and she still needs to continue to recuperate.

She also needs to pay plenty of attention because I had no idea why the toxin level suddenly lowered so much.”

Banxia suddenly asked, “Miss, is it the chocolate”

Everyone looked at me.

I nodded.

“Yes, I ate chocolate.

My stomach hurt, and I vomited a lot of blood.

When I woke up, I felt much better.”

Banxia suddenly came to a realization.

“Back on the island, Madam didnt allow miss to eat chocolate, coffee, tea, and other things.

They are actually antidotes”

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I shook my head gently.

“I dont know.

The chocolate was probably just a coincidence.”

Lin Ran gestured to the Chinese medicine doctor he brought over.

“Master Xu, please check Nanxings pulse.”

The Chinese Medicine Doctor was an old man who looked a little tired and unhappy.

I was a little curious and looked at Lin Ran.

Lin Ran smiled bitterly.

“Jing Tian used some coercion toinvite Master Xu over from his home in the middle of the night.

He flew the plane for more than 30 hours.

Jing Tian is exhausted, so he doesnt come along this time.”

He emphasized the wordinvite.

When I looked at the old masters expression, I understood what Lin Ran meant.

I was shocked by something else.

“Did he fly the plane himself”

Lin Ran nodded helplessly.

“The pilot happened to be sick, and he couldnt wait!”

I was stunned.

The old man said in a deep voice, “I didnt argue with him because I was told that someones life was in danger!”

Lin Ran smiled apologetically, “Yes, yes, Master Xu.

Please be magnanimous and dont argue with that kid.

When he wakes up, Ill make him kowtow to apologize to you! Please take a look at this girl first.

Shes almost a stick.

Somethings wrong.”

I was surprised.

Lin Ran winked at me.

Master Xu sighed.

He said very gently, “Lady, please put your hand on the table.”

I quickly got up and bowed to Master Xu before I sat down and stretched out my hand.

Master Xus expression softened.

He nodded at me.

He took out a delicate and smooth porcelain pillow from his medicine chest and placed it under my wrist.

He started to check my pulse.

His expression gradually became solemn.

After checking one hand, he checked the other hand.

He made me stick out my tongue to look at it.

Then he checked the underlids of my eyes.

The people standing beside me all held their breaths.

They were so nervous that they didnt dare to breathe.

The old man finally finished.

“Miss, how did you manage to survive Youre very lucky.” He sighed softly.

The people beside him all heaved a sigh of relief.

There was an audible sigh.

I smiled and nodded.

“Old Master, please tell them that I wont die so they can rest easier at night.”

The old masters expression was still solemn.

“Although you wont die, Miss… it wont be hard to live either.”

My eyes were a little wet as I shook my head.

“Im used to it.”

The old master sighed.

“Let me give you a prescription.

Well take it one step by one step..

Ill keep a close eye on you.”


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