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I nodded.

The fact that he could say such words was enough to prove his medical skills.

So, I naturally heeded his advice.

I had to be alive.

I still had many things to do.

After the old man finished writing the prescription, he hesitated as if he had something to say.

“If the old master has something to say, please do.

I will definitely comply with your advice.” I could see that he wasnt done yet.

“Have you ever interacted with someone who knows witchcraft or voodoo” He asked carefully.

My hand suddenly clenched into a fist.

He understood and sighed lightly.

“Child, I dont know witchcraft.

My medicine can only cure illnesses, and it cant neutralize any voodoo stuff!”

“The voodoo parasite is already gone,” I said softly.

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The old master nodded.

“Child, you are very lucky.

However, voodoo is a very evil art.

If it is not solved by the person who cast the spell, there will be plenty of long-lasting side effects.

Do you understand what I mean”

I couldnt help but feel shocked.

However, I felt that what he said was very reasonable.

This was indeed the truth.

“So I need to find the person who cast the voodoo spell on me” I asked.

At this moment, I really hoped Ma Ji was still alive.

The debt between her and me really needed to be settled properly.

The old man sighed.

“Let that bastard find someone who is familiar with voodoo to come to take a look at you first.”

“That bastard Which bastard” I didnt understand.

“The bastard who held a gun to my head and forced me onto the plane!” The old man said angrily.

It was Jing Tian.

I smiled and nodded.

Lin Ran was surprised.

“Nanxing, how did you get involved with voodoo and witchcraft”

I ignored him.

How could I explain this matter clearly

I personally sent the old master off and thanked Lin Ran as well.

I asked him to thank Jing Tian on my behalf.

After I dismissed everyone, I went back to my bed and lay down.

Everyone knew that I needed to rest.

However, I was not going to rest.

I turned on the computer and closed my eyes.

I held my breath and focused.

Soon, the names of the software I needed popped into my head.

The moment I saw the computer in the shopping mall, I knew that it was the only thing that could help me regain my memories.

Some things were engraved in my heart.

It didnt matter whether I had my memories or not.

My fingers moved on their own and took over my brain.

The software was installed one after another.

Everything was at my fingertips.

The hours flew by.

I didnt even notice it.

Finally, I found the place I wanted to find.

“I am Nanxing.” I threw this sentence into the vast black hole.

After that, there was a suffocating silence.

There wasnt a single reply.

Perhaps it was because I had been away for too long

“I need someone who knows Chinese witchcraft and voodoo.

Reward: a lot of money!”

I sent out the message.

It didnt matter if there were any results.

I was still getting used to this.

Just as I was about to close the screen, a word suddenly appeared on the screen.


I was stunned.

Someone actually responded.

“Who are you Do you know me” I typed casually.

The other party didnt reply for a long time.

I was a little disappointed.

But then again, who was this mysterious person Did I know them Could I believe them No.

I couldnt believe people who I could see, let alone one I couldnt see.

“I need a complete surveillance system.” I typed out the second request.

“Okay.” Another reply.

I typed out a few more requests, and the person would respond with anokay every time.

I was a little disappointed and bored.

I put down my computer, closed my eyes, and rested.

All my requests were satisfied, so the most important thing now for me was to rest and take good care of my body.


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