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Chapter 55: Amnesia

I nodded with satisfaction as the leading man fell before me, his eyes filled with fear.

I picked up his whip and lashed at the man who was tussling with Brother Hu.

I lashed the whip wildly about with just one thought in my mind. These people deserve to die! These people who harmed my parents deserve to die!

Blood rushed to my brain and all I could see were the people who had caused my tragic death in my previous life.

My ears buzzed and I couldnt hear anything anymore.

Suddenly, a powerful hand grabbed my arm and the whip fell from my grasp.

Then I was pulled into a warm embrace.

It was a scent I was familiar with. Jing Tian, youre here

The red faded away and everything went black.

“Nanxing, its me, Jing Tian!” Jing Tians voice entered my ears.

His worried tone warmed my heart.

Jing Tian, Im sorry for making you worry. I sighed out in relief and collapsed into his arms.

The safest place in the world was Jing Tians embrace.

When I woke up, there was white everywhere.

I tried to move and released I was stuck to many drips.

“Youre finally awake” Jing Tians voice rang beside me.

I woke up immediately.

Seeing Jing Tian sent a jolt of joy through me.

“Where am I Is this the hospital” I asked Jing Tian.

Jing Tian sat down on the chair beside my bed.

He reached out to smooth down my tussled hair and said gently, “You cant remember why youre in the hospital”

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I closed my eyes and I saw red.

Then suddenly it came back to me.

“Ni Ni and I… Wheres Ni Ni Is she okay” The girl took the whip for me! I sat up and tried to crawl out from bed.

I needed to go find her!

Jing Tian pressed me back in bed.

“Ni Ni is in another room.

She suffers only superficial wounds.

Shell be fine.

Shes just scared.

Ive already summoned third aunt to come look after her.

And that male classmate of yours.

His injuries are more severe but hes not in mortal danger, so dont worry.”

I heaved a sigh of relief.

Jing Tian placed the pillow behind my back so I could sit up more comfortably.

He poured me a cup of water and gave me a straw.

“Can you tell me what you remember”

I took a sip of the water and nodded.

I tried to recall.

“The drinks Ni Ni and I had at the cafe must be drugged.

When I woke up, I was already inside a warehouse.

I saw them hit Ni Ni and Lee Yang.

I tricked the kidnappers to call you and chatted with them to buy time.

Thankfully Brother Hus team and you came in time.

By the way, where was my little uncle Where was he I almost died and he wasnt even there.

Hmph, and he said he is my only blood relative!”

Jing Tian looked at me strangely and explained, “Tong Le is interrogating those kidnappers.

Actually he arrived at the scene with me.

You saw me but not him”

I immediately smiled sweetly at him.

“Well, can you blame me for only having you in my eyes”

Jing Tian was unmoved by my flattery.

He asked me in a gentle voice, “Were you scared”

I nodded heavily.

“I know brother Hu and the others would be looking for us but what if they couldnt find me and Ni Ni There were 5 men.

Lee Yang was strung up and beaten.

Ni Ni and I definitely couldnt defeat them.

I finally tricked them to call you but they broke the phone instead.”

Jing Tian looked at me.

“And then”

I looked at Jing Tian in confusion.

“And then you came and saved us.”

Jiang Tian asked again, “You cant remember anything else”

I looked at him.

“There was nothing else.

I would remember if there was.

I was calling your name repeatedly in my heart and you really did come!” I leaned forward, trying to kiss him.

This time Jing Tian didnt avoid me, he let me kiss him on his cheek.

He whispered, “Nanxing, Im sorry.”

I held him and shook my head.

“Why apologize You saved me!”

He touched my head and looked quite solemn.

I pulled him down and tried to sit up straighter before I finally managed to kiss his lips.

His body stiffened slightly.

Then he gave in and reciprocated the kiss.

He was careful not to disrupt the IV drips around me.

Jing Tian, I love you so!


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