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Chapter 554: Culprit

Jing Tian nodded.

“Alright! Hes supposed to come over this month.

Well wait for a few more days.

Dont worry.”

I sorted out all the memories in my head and arranged them into different categories, what I experienced in real life, what I experienced in my dream, and what they told me.

I soon discovered something that I couldnt explain.

“My uncle and Ma Ji planned to move from the island a few days before the attack.

The enemy firepower was fierce, and their goal was clear.

Tong Hui and Ma Jis boat exploded.

If not for my maid, Banxia, I would have died on the island.

Theres one thing that still baffles me.

Who attacked the island What was their purpose”

Jing Tian and Mr.

Li didnt say anything.

I looked at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian said, “Tong Le and I havent given up on searching for you after you were kidnapped by Ma Ji.

Xiao Yi was kidnapped with you.

Xiao Yi spent a lot of effort to contact Tong Le.

By the time Tong Le and his men arrived at that island, you were gone.

That island was also blown up beyond recognition.

By the time we found Xiao Yi, he was already half dead.”

I was flabbergasted by what I heard.

“My memory started at sea.

I was on a boat and shown a map.

With my intuition, I led the captain to the island where we settled.

I had lived on that island ever since.

I saved a little girl, Banxia, and she stayed by my side.

I thought that was my whole life.

I had no idea I had a life before that.”

“That island also belongs to your parents.

Your uncle, Tong Hui, has been looking for the places where your parents used to stay,” Jing Tian said softly.

“Hes looking for the method your parents used to seal up your memory and the method to treat his illness.

He suspected that your parents had already known how to use your Phoenix Blood to cultivate immortality.

After all, your parents were too outstanding.

They had helped the Tong Family a lot, and that caused Tong Hui to be extremely jealous.” Mr.

Li said faintly.

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“So, Nanxing is guilty by association.

We took a long time to find your new location and when we arrived, it was another burnt island,” Jing Tian sighed softly.


Li also sighed.

“But from now on, Jing Tian, youre the one whos guilty by association! Im telling you, Tong Hui and Ma Ji are not dead yet.

The heavens are watching.

Do they want to die so easily after sinning so much Impossible!”


Li was furious whenever he talked out Ma Ji.

However, I didnt have time to care about his emotions.

I asked Jing Tian, “It has already been twice someone came to bomb my location just as you were about to find me.

The bombing was to kill Tong Hui and me.

Who is the culprit”

I sensed that there was someone behind the scenes watching us, holding us in his palm and playing with us.

Jing Tian frowned.


Li shook his head.

The person I really wanted to see right now was my little uncle.

I wanted to know what kind of person my little uncle was, and I also wanted to know how my cousins died.

Were they really dead

Who was the person behind the scenes


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