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It was already very late when I returned home.

Banxia came up to me, feeling extremely aggrieved.

“Miss, why have you come back so late Lu Heng and I were preparing to charge into the Presidential Palace to get you back!”

I looked at Lu Heng, who was standing not too far away.

Lu Hengs gaze was indifferent, but I could tell that he was very worried about me.

I smiled.

“Lu Heng, you must remember this.

You must not follow this girls impulses at any time.”

Lu Heng stood upright and replied, “Yes, miss.


Banxia pouted.


Vincent smiled.

“I think its a good thing.

Young Master Jing Tian is a good-looking man.

He is a good match for Miss.”

Banxia huffed, “No one is good enough for Miss!”

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Daisy grabbed my hand worriedly.

“Miss… I heard that young master Jing Tian has a very bad temper.

Although those young ladies are all eager to marry him, the Madams dont think highly of him.

They dont want their daughter to marry him.”

Banxia was puzzled.

“Why Didnt they say that young master Jing is a good-looking man”

Daisy didnt look at Banxia.

She said to me, “Which mother doesnt want their daughter to be happy Who would want their daughters to suffer in marriage Miss, youre still young.

Theres no rush.

You should open your eyes and see the world before making a choice.

We want you to be the happiest you can be.”

“If you ask me, Miss will be happiest if she stays at home with us!”

I didnt know whether to laugh or cry as I looked at these three bored people.

I gave Lu Heng a meaningful glance.

Lu Heng followed me and said softly, “Miss, please bring us along whenever you go out in the future.”

I was in a very peaceful mood now.

I didnt know whether it was because the voodoo poison had been suppressed or because I had met Jing Tian.


In the future, Ill bring someone to follow me when I go out.

Lu Heng, you have to assign someone reliable to guard the house too.

Uncle Vincent and Aunt Daisy are good people.

We have to protect them.”

“Yes, Miss! The Sea Wolves will do their best!” Lu Hengs tone was very firm.

I smiled.

Lu Hengs state of mind had already changed.

“Lu Heng, my uncle isnt dead.

Hell come looking for me sooner or later.”I stopped and looked at him.

Lu Hengs eyes were clear.

“Miss, the Sea Wolves have sworn to follow Miss to the death.

That will never change.”

I looked at him.

His gaze was firm as he looked back at me.

I smiled.

“Alright, then well brave the world together.” Since I was not destined to have an ordinary life, I might as well made it an exciting life.


The Vice Presidents banquet was held as scheduled.

During this period, I experienced Mr.

Lis blood-cleansing ceremony once.


Li said that after three blood-cleansing, the parasite larvae would be guided out.

The process was like hell on Earth.

Vincent and Daisy meticulously prepared clothes and accessories for me in order to let my first official appearance shock everyone.

Banxias envy is beyond words, so I personally asked Daisy to prepare her a set of clothes too so that she could accompany me to the banquet.

Banxia was so happy she could fly.

Daisy wanted to say something, but she held back.

I smiled and told Daisy.

“Banxia and I have been through everything together.

She is family.

Daisy, its just some clothes, dont be so stingy.”

Daisy chuckled.

“Miss, Im not stingy.

Im looking at Miss Banxia, and I feel a headache.

Youd better not dote on her too much.”

I didnt say anything.

Was doting on someone that bad


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