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The vice-presidential palace and the presidential palace were at opposite ends of the island.

It seemed to represent their opposing stance.

Banxia and I arrived all dressed up.

Lu Heng and Ol Fifth from Sea Wolves were our guards and driver.

According to Vincent and Daisy, since this was my first public appearance, I had to shock and awe everyone.

I was like a marionette, listening to what they said and doing exactly what they asked.

When I arrived at the scene, I felt relieved.

Vincent and Daisy had done their homework.

They updated me about the customs on the island.

As far as the eye could see, it was filled with jewels.

If someone were to rob this place, they would get away rich.

I didnt expect the small island to be filled with so many wealthy people.

My arrival attracted everyones attention.

Daisy said that the Nan family enjoyed a mysterious place on this island.

My father was the founding father of this island.

His status was unshakable.

Even though the presidency had changed many times, the respect for the Nan Family was still there… despite the fact that masters of the Nan Family had been absent for years already.

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I sincerely admired my parents.

The Vice Presidents wife personally came out to welcome me.

I could clearly see the astonishment in her eyes.

“Miss Nan, we looked forward to seeing you.

Its our honor!” She warmly held my hand.

I politely greeted her and instructed Banxia to pass the gift that we had prepared to the housekeeper beside the wife.

“I am here for a visit.

Please accept this small gift.”

The housekeeper took it and opened it.

After taking a look, she passed it to the Vice Presidents wife with a surprised expression.

She was stunned for a moment before her smile deepened.

“Miss Nanxing is too polite.”

I smiled.

“If Madam doesnt mind, you can call me Nanxing.”

Madam smiled brightly.

She said sincerely, “Nanxing.

My name is Kong Yun.

Why dont you call me Auntie Yun”

“Auntie Yun.” I followed her advice.

“Nanxing, youre such a good child.

Auntie Yun is really happy.” Kong Yun smiled brightly.

I lowered my eyebrows and smiled.

Vincent said that my parents had been gone for years.

For my return, we had to make a splash and for people to understand that the Nan Family had returned with style.

We couldnt let people look down on us.

Therefore, we prepared a pearl the size of a fist for Kong Yun.

It was something that ordinary gold couldnt buy.

There were multiple purposes behind this.

Kong Yun was the Vice Presidents wife.

Every vice presidents wife had a dream of becoming the presidents wife.

My goodwill was to give her face.

The pearl was something she could show off.

After she did that, others would know that the Nan Family was still rich and powerful.

Naturally, they would come to curry favor with us.

They wouldnt think low of the Nan Family.

Money might not be omnipotent, but in the eyes of those who had desires, it was omnipotent.

With Kong Yuns support, the other wealthy families naturally wouldnt dare to look down on me.

I had made the Nan Family known in this island nation over one night.

Vincent was amazing.

I started to understand why the Nan Family was able to survive for so long on this island.

Other than my parents prestige, Vincents mind and Daisys meticulous planning planned a huge role too.

My heart was beginning to settle.


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