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I didnt want his apology or anyones apology.

I wasnt anyones responsibility but my own.

Looking at Jing Tians guilt, I felt that I had been too distant.

Jing Tian told me a complicated and strange story.

I was finally updated on these peoples complicated relationships.

“What about Jing Ning Wasnt that intentional assault” I asked Jing Tian.

Jing Tian nodded.

“He was sent to prison, but he was my familys eldest young master.

His parents got him out a year later on the premise that he was mentally ill.”

“And then” I felt a little expectant.

Jing Tians expression became indifferent, “Then, my memory came back to me.

I took control of that mental hospital.

I told the Doctor that mental patients should be treated as mental patients.

They shouldnt be allowed full luxury.

They had to be treated with medication and therapy.”

I looked at Jing Tian in surprise and smiled.

“Okay, I like it.”

Jing Tian reached out and touched my head.

“He deserves to die, but its too easy for him to die.

I want him to live.”

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I nodded in agreement.

“That Miss Lu hates me so much.” Her fiancé had taken the knife for me.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “If she could part ways with Gu Nian from now on, I would admire her, but she chose to stay with him.

Shed forgive him eventually, but thats Gu Nians problem.”

I smiled.

No wonder he had treated Miss Lu like that.

“What about that Miss Ye Qian” I had faint anticipation for this person in the story.

Jing Tian was silent for a moment.

“After Jing Nings accident, the Jing family discovered that he had already stolen several billion.

His methods were secretive, and they couldnt find out where the money had gone.

Even though everyone knew that Ye Qian was the ultimate beneficiary, they couldnt find any evidence.

Ye Qian asked for a divorce and escaped unscathed, but she couldnt return to the Gu family because Lu Yan didnt give her a chance.

She left the country and was never heard from again.”

“What a strange woman!” I couldnt help but exclaim.

Jing Tian didnt look worried.

“Young Master Jing Tian, so youre here.

The president and his wife are here, and theyre looking for you.

Please go there quickly,” An attendant said anxiously.

Jing Tian frowned.

“Go ahead.

Ill just sit here for a while.” I pushed him.

Then I looked at my own hand in a daze.

I always did things to Jing Tian that I couldnt imagine, as if there was another version of myself in my body.

Jing Tian took my hand.

“Come with me.”

I withdrew my hand instinctively.

“No, you go by yourself.

I have something to think about.” I looked at him and told him honestly.

Jing Tian was stunned for a moment before he felt relieved.

He rubbed my head.


If you have any problems, come and find me.”

I nodded.

To be honest, I felt warm when he touched my head.

I wanted to squint my eyes to enjoy it.

I even wanted him to kiss me.

This thought gave me a big fright.

Fortunately, Jing Tian left with the attendant.

I placed my hand on my chest.

I felt my heart thump thump thump, and my face was very hot.

It was a wonderful feeling.

All of a sudden, a strong force came from behind me.

I was pushed to the ground before I could turn around.

My palm rubbed against the ground unexpectedly, and the pain was sharp.

“Beat her up! Beat this bitch to death! How dare she seduce my cousin” A sharp voice rang out from above me.

I recognized this voice.

It was the pink one.

Before I could react, a foot had already landed on my back.

Punches and kicks followed.


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