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Chapter 560: Fighting

I didnt even have time to get up.

I was smacked and my anger burned.

I used my hands to protect my head.

At that moment, a high-heeled shoe came at my face.

I grabbed it and pulled.

Following a scream, there was the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

I pulled down a woman.

The others were shocked.

They stopped assaulting me and went to help the other woman.

I quickly stood up.

I didnt even smooth down my skirt.

I rushed forward and grabbed the pink one by her neck.

“Are you crazy”

Pink idiot was still wearing a pink dress today.

She was pretty and cute.

She had an exquisite baby face, but her gaze was vicious.

She wasnt afraid even when I grabbed her neck.

“Youre the one whos crazy!” She grabbed me with both hands.

I let go of her and gave her a slap.

I hit her extremely hard.

She screamed and fell to the ground.

My palms were numb.

The anger in my heart was rising uncontrollably.

The pink idiot screamed.

Blood was flowing from her mouth.

“Im going to kill you! Kill her for me! All of you, attack!” She got up and pounced on me.

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I slapped her on the other side.

She fell down again.

She let out an even more shrill scream.

The other young ladies heard the fighting and came over.

But they were scared silly and didnt dare to come forward.

I picked up the pink idiot.

“Shut up!” I stopped her from screaming.

She looked a little scared and said with a trembling mouth, “How dare you hit me! Im going to kill you! Im going to kill your whole family! Bitch!”

There was a sudden whooshing behind my ears.

I instinctively raised my arm to block it, and a piercing pain immediately hit me.

A woman in a bright red dress used a baseball bat to ambush me from behind.

I covered my arm and stared at her.

She was so scared that she took a step back, and the baseball bat in her hand fell to the ground and rolled to my feet.

I threw the pink idiot away and bent down to pick up the baseball bat.

I walked towards the woman in red.

She pointed at me.

“How dare you bully Angel Shes the presidents youngest daughter.”

I swung the bat and hit her right arm.

Her scream soared into the sky.

I said coldly, “Similarly, how dare you hit me”

Her cry scared all the other young ladies away.

I looked at her and raised my voice.

“Ill break your hand so that youll remember this lesson.”

I turned around to look at the pink idiot. So her name is Angel.

Is God kidding

When I dealt with the woman in red, someone had handed Angel a dagger.

Her eyes were filled with a fierce glint as she rushed over with the dagger in her hand.

I evaded and her knife cut out a long wound on my arm.

Blood flowed out immediately.

Her expression became even more twisted.

“How dare you evade me Stand there and let me kill you!”

I sneered and smashed the baseball bat againt her wrist.

I could guarantee that her wrist was broken.

She screamed like that was no tomorrow.

She knelt on the ground and couldnt get up.

I went forward and pinched her chin.

I looked at her coldly and saw that she was in so much pain that tears were flowing down her face.

I was indescribably happy.

“Do you think youre capable enough to kill me”

I pushed her to the ground.

I grabbed the baseball bat and turned towards the gathered ladies.

One of them in a green dress said in a trembling voice.

“No, it has nothing to do with us.

Its Miss Lu.

It was Miss Lu who told Angel you were seducing Young Master Tian..”


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