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Chapter 568: Little Aunt

Translator: Lonelytree

The news that I was beaten by the presidents youngest daughter at the Vice Presidents house made the island boil with excitement.

Kong Yun was the first to come to visit.

This happened at her house, so she had to say something.

She also had been finding a chance to annoy the presidents family.

My incident gave her the best opportunity.

There were no elders in my family, and I was in a coma, so the task of receiving distinguished guests fell to Daisy and Banxia.

Daisy was my housekeeper, and Banxia was my assistant.

Neither of them could sit down to chat with the vice presidents wife.

I thought maybe I could ask my little uncle for help, but he was a man.

I couldnt imagine him sitting down and having tea with Kong Yun.

Therefore, I had to struggle to sit up to welcome the guest myself.

I couldnt neglect Kong Yun because I might still need to rely on her in the future.

I only walked to the living room door, but I was already sweating profusely.

I didnt want to disappoint this guest, but this was still very difficult for me.

While I was at the door, I suddenly heard conversations coming from the living room.

I couldnt help but stop in my tracks.

“Thank you for taking care of our Nanxing, Her little uncle has told me everything.

I was thinking of going over to thank the vice presidents wife, but youve come over to visit Nanxing.

Madam Vice President, youre too kind.” This voice was clear and melodious, like a silver bell.

It was so pleasing to the

ear that it could seep into ones heart.

I couldnt help but be stunned.

She wasnt from the family, but her tone was that of my elder.

Kong Yun was surprised.

“Youre actually Nanxings little aunt But arent you a little too young”

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Little… little aunt

J actually have a little aunt Why didnt my little uncle tell me

I wanted to go in to see who this person was.

The little aunt smiled and said, “Nanxing and I were university classmates.

But Madam Vice President youre the young one.

Youre so young and beautiful.

When you stand with Nanxing, you two can be sisters.”

Her laughter was clear and crisp, and I couldnt help but smile.

I didnt think that my little uncle would be able to find a masterful conversationalist as his wife.


Tong is too polite.” Kong Yun was smiling.

I could see that through the door.

“You can call me Mai Qi.” My little aunt was indeed very polite.

Kong Yun readily agreed.

“Mai Qi, its great that youre here.

I heard that theres only the housekeeper and servants here.

I was worried that no one would take care of Nanxing.

Now Im relieved.”

Mai Qi sighed.

“Nanxings fate is indeed bitter.

Her parents left early.

She met Tong Le when he was just starting out.

She has suffered a lot.

Thankfully, wherever she goes, shell find someone to look after her.

I see that you treat her like how youd treat your own child.

Nanxing is blessed to know you.”

Kong Yun was well buttered up.

She sighed.

“Speaking of, this is my fault too.

I wanted Nanxing to meet everyone, but who would have known the girl from the An Family would be so wild She doesnt have a good upbringing.

She made Nanxing suffer so much, but what could we do Shes the presidents



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