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Chapter 573: Bait


Translator: Lonelytree

“Tm one, and youre another” I asked straightforwardly.


Li immediately shut his mouth.

I knew that I had touched his sour spot.

Thus, I asked him, “Are you willing to share your story with me”

His expression didnt change.

I pursed my lips into a smile.

“Come on.

Share it with me.

Its not shameful to lose to Ma Ji.

On my original island, she was like a God.

In the eyes of the natives, she was practically omnipotent.”

“She is always good at grandstanding.” He was very disapproving.

He wiped his face with one hand.

“She and I have irreconcilable hatred.

Even if I have to go to the ends of the world, I will hunt her down.

Girl, all you need to know is that as long as Im here, I wont let Ma Ji kill you! As for the others wanting to kill you, I cant do anything about that.”

I smiled.

“Its because Ill help you draw Ma Ji over, right”

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He didnt deny it.

“Right now, you are the best bait.

As long as those two little bugs are alive, she will definitely come back.

Voodoo is all about gathering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

She has done too many sins and defied the heavens many times.

She will come back to collect her worms.”

I suddenly thought of something.

“Then, what about the mother worm”


Li sneered.

“Im guessing the bitch has fallen ill because of it.

Even her power will be affected.

But she can still sense the existence of the younger worms.

Therefore, she will be even more determined to come and collect them.

She will know that youre still alive.

So all we need to do is to wait!”

I nodded.

“Good Idea.”

“In the meantime, well try to neutralize your poison.

But this is a troublesome problem.

Since Im not the one who poisoned you, the process will be long and arduous.

Youll suffer quite a bit.”

1 didnt mind.

“It doesnt matter.

I can take it.

Its better than being poisoned.”

He still didnt tell me his story with Ma Ji.

However, everyone had their own secrets.

As long as his secrets didnt hurt me, I didnt mind.

After taking a short nap, I felt much better when I woke up.


Li and Master Xus medicine was taking effect.

My body was gradually getting better.

The room door creaked lightly.

Banxia quietly slithered in and closed the door softly.

‘When she turned around and saw that I was looking at her, she jumped up in fright.

“Miss! Are you awake”

I sat up and replied lazily, “Yes.”I grabbed a pillow and leaned against the headboard.

Banxia pounced over with an aggrieved expression.

“Miss, I was wrong!”

Iwas stunned.

This was quite new.

Banxia was never good at admitting mistakes.

“Whats wrong” I asked.

Banxia wanted to cry.

“Miss, youre the one who saved me.

Weve always depended on each other, right”

I nodded.

She was telling the truth.

“Miss has never set any rules for me.

Ive never been particular about these things.

The only thing I know is to treat Miss the best I could.” She pouted.

I nodded and looked at her.

She was encouraged.

“So, Miss, you wont blame me, right”

“Why would I blame you” I couldnt help but ask her.

She said indignantly and aggrievedly, “Miss Mai Qi has set so many rules for the family.

It sounds to me like theyre all against me.

They dont like me! Miss, why dont we leave Theyre both your aunts, but this Miss Mai Qi is not as nice to you as Mrs.

Ma Ji!”

I said calmly, “Really You think Ma Ji is nicer to me”


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