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Chapter 574: Coaxing


Translator: Lonelytree

Banxia tilted her head and looked at me.

She probed, “At least, Mrs.

Ma Ji was never angry with you.

Shes always gentle and coaxing you.

Shes also kind to us and never shouts at us.

But Miss Mai Qi is different.

This is Miss house, but she is acting like she is the mistress.

Miss, that is too much, right”

I smiled faintly.

“Shes my little aunt, but Ma Ji isnt.

Shes just my eldest uncles woman, so their attitudes towards us are different.

Mai Qi has a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

I quite like her.”

I made my position clear.

Banxia shook my hand.

“My Good Miss, dont be deceived by their beautiful appearance! I dont think she cares about you at all! She only cares about who will own this place in the future!”

Her tone was indignant.

I thought about it.

“You mean…”

Her eyes lit up.

“Miss, I dont think theyre good people.

Why dont we call Lu Heng and leave this place together They said that they were good friends with you in the past, but you dont have any memory of it.

This means that they can say anything they want.

Do they think were stupid”

I nodded.

“But where are we going”

Banxia immediately said, “Were going to look for Mrs.

Ma Ji.

Didnt you say theyre still alive Lets go look for them.

Sir and Madam even said they wanted to look for a boyfriend for you! Compared to these two, Sir and Madam are more reliable!”

Banxias expression was very serious.

“But how can we find them” I looked at Banxia seriously.

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Banxia said proudly, “Whats so difficult about that We can go to the beach and fire the signal flares we brought from the island every night.

Madam Ma Ji will see them eventually.

She said the flares are unique to her island, so she wont mistake them.”

I looked at her elated face and asked, “But, how do you know about the signal flares”

Banxia replied without hesitation, “On the night we escaped, I saw with my own eyes the Sea Wolves loading a lot of them into the cabin, Didnt they do this so that one day they could get in touch with Madam Ma Ji”

I felt a dull pain in my heart.

“Whos keeping the signal flare now” I asked Banxia.

“Is on our ship.

After we went ashore, the ship was docked.

Sea Wolves didnt bring the signal flares to shore.

Theyre still there.

I went to take a look.” Banxia looked mysterious.

“Why didnt they bring the signal flares to shore Whos in charge of this” I asked Banxia.

“Of course, its Lu Heng.

I dont think hell mind us using them.

In order to not draw attention, we can set off fireworks to cover up the signal flare!” Banxia completed her plan.

“Banxia, youre so smart,” I praised her.

Banxia was very happy.

“Miss, youre different from the new arrivals! Were not from the same world as them.”

Banxia pulled my hand and pressed it against her face.

She looked intoxicated.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on my palm.

“Banxia, dont you like this place” I looked at her thick hair and asked softly.

Banxia raised her head.

“I do, but there are so many new people here.

I dont like them.

I dont like any of them! Miss, Lets go to a place that will make us happy!”

“Banxia, why dont you go by yourself I dont really want to leave this place,” I suddenly said.

Banxias expression changed..

“Miss, that wont do!”


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