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Chapter 575: Induction

Translator: Lonelytree

My expression was a little desolate.

“Why not Banxia, my body isnt doing well.

Youve seen it yourself.

I dont want to travel anymore.

I want to have a stable life here.

My parents left such a wonderful place for me.

Why should I leave

“However, I can understand it if you want to leave.

I wont stop you.

Youre still young.

You should go out to see the world.

In fact, you dont even need to make finding Ma Ji your goal.

Why dont you go and explore the world on your own I can sponsor you.”

Banxias eyes brightened, then darkened.

“How can I do that How can I leave Miss Miss has given me my life, so how can I leave Miss”

I chuckled.

“Banxia, weve been through thick and thin together.

I only wish for you to be happy.

Ill be happy if youre happy.”

Banxia looked at me doubtfully.

“Miss, are you serious”

I nodded slightly.

“I dont have any memories and dont remember the past.

However, I do remember you.

Weve been living together for years, so of course, I wish you well.

Dont worry.

Vincent told me that I have a lot of money.

In fact, the island we escaped from didnt actually belong to my uncle but my

parents too.”

Banxias eyes became brighter and brighter.

Tasked, “So, are you still going to look for Ma Ji”

Banxias eyes flashed.

“But, but, but –”

I patted her.

“What is there to worry about Dont you want to see the world Why would you return to Ma Jis side and live under her terror again”

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“What about you” Banxias expression changed.

“Me Ill stay here.

I still need Mr.

Li to cure the poison in my body, and I still need Doctor Lin Ran to treat my injuries.

So, Banxia, if you want to leave, then Ill get someone to send you off.

You dont need to release any signal flares.

What if my little uncle saw you as a threat and killed you”

Banxias eyes shrank.

I didnt rush her.

“Banxia, theres no rush.

You can think about it.

When youre ready, come and find me.”

Banxia lowered her head slowly.

I pulled the blanket aside and got out of bed carefully.

Banxia didnt even care about the injury on my back.

She just stood there in a daze.

I went to the closet and picked out a light green dress.

The design and tailoring were very good.

It was obvious that it was expensive.

I heard Kong Yun and the other ladies talk about it at the banquet the other day.

These things were probably the center of their lives.

Daisy was very good at these things.

She prepared clothes and accessories to match my temperament and status.

Banxia didnt understand these things, but she was envious.

I turned around and smiled at her.

“Banxia, the people on this island wear beautiful clothes.

I couldnt believe my eyes when we were at the banquet.

We didnt have these things on the island.”

Banxia swallowed unnaturally.

I sighed softly.

“Its a pity that Im sick, and nothing looks good on me.

This pink dress is similar to the one I wore to the banquet.

I think it looks better on you.

Come and try it on!”

I picked out a dress and stuffed it into Banxias hands.

Banxias face shone with desire..


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