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Chapter 579: Origin

Translator: Lonelytree

“Neither one is better than the other! If not for this, we wouldnt have spent generations chasing after them!” He blurted out.

I suddenly came to a realization and exclaimed, “So youre from the same school of voodoo as Ma Ji.”

He knew that he had misspoken and shut his mouth.

“I get it now.

Thats why youre able to cure her poison.

I thought you two were enemies, but it turns out you two are from the same sect.”

“What do you mean by that I am not associated with that bitch.

Her family was expelled from the sect three generations ago!” Mr.

Lis expression was resentful and full of disdain.

“Oh” I was confused.

Banxia said that Ma Ji came from a tropical jungle tribe.

I guessed that she had been with my uncle for a long time already.

Otherwise, how could her Chinese be so fluent “So, shes Chinese” I probed.


Li said unhappily, “Of course she is.

As long as she is not part of our tribe, she can be whoever she wants to be!”

That was a bit too irresponsible.

“What are you going to do when you catch her”I asked again.

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Li didnt say anything.

I assumed the conversation was over.

Unexpectedly, he said, “In our clan, medicine and witchcraft are not separated.

Voodoo can be used to heal, and the difference is in the thought.

However, certain people have sold their souls to the devil for the sake of small profits.

This is something my clan will not tolerate.

“My family has been watching over the voodoo doctors for generations.

We are witch hunters.

Anyone who betrays the clan must be brought back to the clan to be punished.

Ma Jis family has escaped for three generations already.

Failing to capture them is the biggest humiliation my family has ever


When my grandfather was dying, I made a solemn vow before his bed.

In my lifetime, I will definitely bring their family to justice and avenge the shame of the Li clan.

Only then did he close his eyes.

The responsibility fell on my shoulders.

I shunned the responsibility of continuing the family

lineage and left it with my younger brother.

I only have one goal in mind.”

He closed his eyes.

“After my grandfather passed away, I left home.

I followed Ma Jis familys footsteps, but I found nothing.

I came back to the tribe only after I received the news that my mother was critically ill.

However, when I arrived, I was captured by Jing Tians men at gunpoint.

Of course, I refused

to submit.

Eventually, they showed me your picture.

I knew then that my grandfathers spirit was smiling at me.”


Li laughed.

His teeth were white.

“In other words, Jing Tian actually gave you a big gift! Mr.

Li, this isnt right.

I heard that you extorted many things from Jing Tian!” I was furious.


Li chuckled and licked his teeth, He looked as if he still wanted more.

“Why now Looking at how anxious he was, I knew he would agree to any of my conditions, There arent many people left in my clan.

My younger brother, the clan leader, is in a tight spot.

I havent been at home these years.


adults can suffer, but we cant place the suffering on the elderly and the children.”

His expression darkened, then, he put on a cynical expression.

“Girl, you dont have to feel sorry for him.

He has plenty of money, but youre the most precious thing to him.

See this as my way of testing his sincerity for you.

Girl, its harder to find a sincere lover than an invaluable treasure.

Jing Tian is

worth it!”

I felt a headache coming on..

“He has bribed you, hasnt he”


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