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Chapter 58: Shi Feng

Lee Yang heaved a sigh of relief, then he thought about it and looked at me carefully.

“Was I being too unkind”

Jing Ni asked me in shock.

“Nanxing, what did you say What happened to Sister Jing Yan”

I patted her hand.

“Jing Ning came to school and told me that Jing Yan was admitted into a mental hospital.

Im not too sure about the details though.”

Jing Ni was shocked.


I shook my head.

“I didnt expect it either but Jing Ning will take good care of her, hell find the best specialist to treat her.

Instead of focusing on her, we should focus on our exams.

I have people bring our books and homework over.” Jing Ni nodded.

She wasnt that close to Jing Yan so she didnt ask for more details.

After that, I went to visit Brother Hus unit.

They were all injured but curiously enough, I couldnt remember how they got injured.

After all, the situation was too chaotic back then.

When they saw me, they were stunned.

Then, they called out in unison, “Sister Xing!”

Perhaps it was my imagination, but I felt like their attitude towards me was a little bit different from before.

In the past, they were respectful towards me but now, there was an underlying layer of fear.

In any case, I thanked them in person.

They were flattered and repeatedly expressed their loyalty to me.

They promised that in the future they would do their utmost to ensure my safety, and would never let such a thing happen again.

I told them to dont worry too much about it and to focus on our little club! I was serious about developing our gang.

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After leaving their ward, I stretched while sitting in my wheelchair.

Su Shen then pushed me back to my ward.

When we passed by the lobby, we saw a group of people in black suits rushing by.

They definitely didnt look like normal visitors.

I couldnt help but glance twice at them.

At that moment, the man who walked at the front turned back.

Both he and I were startled.

Because we had seen each other before.

He smiled at me, joined his middle and index fingers together and gave me a handsome salute before he walked away with his people.

I was surprised and tried to place him.

I closed my eyes… The cemetery! He was the man I met at the cemetery.

He knew me and said I looked just like my mother!

Su Shen leaned low to ask, “Miss, do you know him”

I shook my head.

“Ive seen him but I dont know him.

However, he seems to know me.”

Su Shens tone was flat.

“Thats Shi Feng, he is the youngest son of the Shi Financial Group.”

“Hmm, that doesnt sound like someone who should know me then,” I said.

Su Shen didnt say anything and pushed me back to my ward.

My little uncle and Jing Tian were waiting for me.

There was a well-dressed woman standing behind my little uncle.

I raised my brows. Well, he does move fast.

“This is Su Qian.

Shell look after you and Jing Ni alongside Su Shen,” my little uncle introduced.

Su Qian bowed at me.

I sighed.

“Little uncle, how childish can you be Jing Tian has Gao Da so you found Gao Jing.

He sent me Su Shen so you have to find a Su Qian.

Is this really necessary”

My little uncle chuckled.

“I swear this is all a coincidence.”

Yea, right…

Jing Tian walked over and took the wheelchair from Su Shen.

“Okay, well go for inspection now.”

I was confused.

“What inspection Im not injured.

Ni Ni and the others are more heavily injured than I am.

Plus, why do I sense this tension from you two”

Jing Tian was silent.

My little uncle said, “Were just going to check if you suffer from internal injury.”

“Internal injury Where would I have gotten that” I rolled my eyes.

He sighed.

“Were going to check your brain.

Perhaps it has been impacted because you were too scared.”

“Youre the one with the broken brain!”

Jing Tian ignored our banter like usual.

And just like that, I was pushed to have my brain scanned.

I was speechless.

Jing Tian caressed my head.

“After all, were already at the hospital.

Better be safe than sorry.”

I huffed.

“Have you two donated to this hospital Doing a brain scan is not cheap and this is not the way to waste public resources.

Why should I do a brain scan when Im perfectly fine”

My little uncle reached out to grab me.

I blocked him and fought him back.

We continued this charade for quite a while until Jing Tian suddenly squatted down to look me in the eyes.

His tone was gentle and calm.

“Nanxing, Tong Le and I are very worried about you because you fainted.

We want to do a brain scan to be sure.”

“You guys are being too nervous.

Im fine!”

Jing Tian persuaded me gently as he tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Nanxing, cant you do this for me”

Jing Tian was my kryptonite. Jing Tian, this is unfair, you know I cant say no to you!


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