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Chapter 584: Tacit Understanding


Translator: Lonelytree

I smiled.

“Youre right.

If Jing Tian and Miss Angel are in love, then its perfect.

However, everything depends on Jing Tian.

Even if I surrender my post to Angel, it still depends on whether Jing Tian likes her, right”

Iraised my eyes to look at Jing Tian.

The ball was now in his court.

There was an appreciative smile in Jing Tians eyes.

He extended his long arm and patted me on the head.

“Silly girl, what nonsense are you talking about I will never like someone else other than you.

Dont even think about it.

You have to follow me for the rest of your life.

Do you understand”

“Dont hit her on the head.

Youll make her dumber.” My little uncle coughed.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Its alright.

I want her even if shes silly.”

Mai Qi feigned anger.

“How can you say that Ill personally deal with you if you hit our Nanxing silly!”

Jing Ni and I pursed our lips into a smile.

Jing Tian had a faint smile on his face.

Xiao Zhi looked at my little uncle and Mai Qi in surprise.

I said, “Madam President, Im sorry for not making the introduction.

They are my little uncle and little aunt.

My parents are no longer around.

My little uncle has been taking care of my life.

My little aunt is my classmate.”

It was nice to have something to divert the attention.

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Xiao Zhi was surprised.

“I thought he was just Jing Tians good friend.”

I nodded with a smile.

“If I marry Jing Tian, Jing Tian has to call this man little uncle too.”

My little uncle looked pleased with himself.

“Madam, when its time to talk about marriage, you should come to look for me directly.

I have full authority.

The Tong Family only has one child in Nanxings generation.

I wont allow anyone to bully her.”

After saying that, he shot Jing Tian a glance.

Xiao Zhi looked shocked.

Mai Qi and I looked at each other.

I was pretty sure not that many girls came with such powerful backing from their maiden family.

Xiao Zhi nodded hurriedly.

“Nanxing is really blessed to have such a wonderful pair of little uncle and aunt.”

Iwas happy but said modestly, “Yes, my little uncle and aunt are very good to me.”

Xiao Zhis smile became even more forced.

Mai Qi smiled widely and said, “Madam, you have no idea how much Tong Le pampers his niece.

He would do anything for her.

We know that its wrong to dote on a child, but Nanxing has always been sensible since she was young.

No matter how much we dote on her, she knows her limits.

We care about

Nanxing because her parents left too early.

She has suffered too much.

Youll understand how protective Tong Le is of Nanxing in the future.

Its simply outrageous.

In fact, Jing Tian has been scolded by him countless times already.”

Jing Tian knew what was going on.

However, he didnt say anything.

Jing Ni huffed and glared at Mai Qi.

“You sure have the nerve.

You two can get away with these things because my seventh uncle loves Nanxing too much.

After they get married, Ill be the first to encourage them to break off relations with you two.

You wont be able to bully my seventh uncle anymore.

Plus, what you said earlier is not true.

Its impossible for my seventh uncle to like other girls.

He only has eyes for Nanxing!”

After she finished speaking, Jing Ni took my arm and puffed up her chest at Mai Qi and my little uncle.

I sighed in my heart.

How did they develop such a wonderful tacit understanding of each other

They both realized that Xiao Zhi was using defense as offense.

So my first instinct was not wrong.

I realized the sharpness of my instincts was slowly recovering,


Lis treatment worked, but my two good sisters also played a big role..


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