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Chapter 585: Cold Shoulder


Translator: Lonelytree

Xiao Zhis expression was a little unnatural.

I simply said, “Why isnt Miss Angel around Ive been meaning to ask her how Ive offended her and how she wants to settle the matter between us.”

Even though the battle of words was very exciting, I wasnt willing to waste my time on such a boring matter.

I might as well speak frankly.

Xiao Zhis embarrassment was written all over her face.

“Nanxing, the reason I invited you here today is to have a good chat with you.

Angel is still young, Shes not thinking well.

What happened that day was indeed her fault.

Can Auntie Zhi make it up to you What do you like Or do you have any wishes If Auntie Zhi can fulfill it, I will.

However, I hoped that

youd forgive Angel.” Xiao Zhis attitude suddenly became very servile.

Iwas slightly stunned.

Xiao Zhi had been humble, but she was not servile until this moment.

What changed

Before I could react, a voice suddenly sounded.

“I dont need you to speak up for me.

I wont let you take credit for solving this matter on my behalf.

After all these years, arent you tired with this game”

The main character had arrived.

Angel stood in front of us with her arms crossed and legs crossed in a punk outfit.

Her face was covered in a colorful makeup.

However, when she saw Jing Tian and Tong Le, she immediately restrained herself.

“Cousin, youre here too”

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Of course, she was talking to Jing Tian.

I leaned against Jing Tian.

Jing Tian put his hand on my shoulder and nodded slightly.

Angels expression changed immediately.

She glared at me and asked, “Why are you here Did you come to my house to provoke me”

I smiled.

Before I could say anything, Xiao Zhi stood up in fear and trepidation and walked over to stop her.

“Angel, dont be like this.

They are my guests.

How can you…”

Angel ignored her.

She pushed Xiao Zhi aside and walked over to Jing Tian.

In that moment, she was already smiling like a flower.

I couldnt help but sigh at the speed at which her expression changed.

“Cousin, why didnt anyone inform me that you are coming Have you finished setting up your new home When can I come over and play with you I heard that your new home is very beautiful,” Angel said.

She sat down beside Jing Tian.

She cornered him at the corner.

The moment Angel sat down, Jing Tian held my waist and stood up.

“Aunt Zhi, when can we eat My friends and I are all hungry.”

Xiao Zhi was obviously embarrassed.


We can eat now.

Well, lets go to the dining room.”

Jing Ni followed by my side.

Maggie held my uncles arm.

Everyone turned a blind eye to Angel.

I turned my head to look at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian lowered his head and scratched my nose.

“Aunt Zhis chef cooks a few dishes that are very good.

Try them.

In fact, later, Ill send a chef over to your place.

He can cook all your favorite dishes.”

Jing Ni covered her eyes.

“Seventh uncle, can you please walk properly”

Mai Qi chuckled.

“Jing Ni, Ill request my brother to come quickly.

That way, you wont be the single one out anymore.”

Jing Nis face turned red.

“You keep bullying me!”

We chatted and laughed as we followed Aunt Zhi.

A loud noise came from behind us.

Jing Tian nimbly protected Jing Ni and me.

My little uncle shielded Mai Qi.

We all turned around and saw a crystal vase on the ground shattered into pieces, while Angels face was filled with anger.


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