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Chapter 586: Confrontation

Translator: Lonelytree

Xiao Zhi cried out involuntarily, “That was your fathers favorite vase!”

Angel said coldly, “My fathers favorite is me!”

Xiao Zhi frowned, but she still said patiently, “Angel, if youre in a bad mood, go back to your room and rest.

I have many guests, so I cant accompany you.”

Angel looked at her coldly.

Xiao Zhi turned to look at me and begged Angel, “Angel, its not easy for me to invite Nanxing here.

Shes a very important guest.

If youre so rude, youll be laughed at by others.”

‘My eyebrows twitched slightly.

As expected, Angel turned her anger towards me.

“Where did you come from Cant you roll back to your hole Let me tell you.

No one has managed to steal what belongs to me.

No one!”

She pointed at Jing Tian.

“Ive liked this man since I was a girl.

Ill marry him no matter what! Ill become Jing Tians wife! Do you love him as much as I do What right do you have to steal him from me My father is the president! This island is all his! I can make you leave this island immediately! In fact, I

order you to leave Jing Tians side immediately!”

She looked so angry that she didnt look like a normal person at all.

She looked like a hysterical lunatic.

Xiao Zhi took two steps forward, ignoring the broken pieces on the ground, and said anxiously, “Angel! You cant be so willful! Shes Jing Tians fiancée! Well find you another match, okay”

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“I dont care!” Angel was furious.

“Shut up, you bitch.

Youve killed my mother! You dont care about me! Its all because of you that Jing Tian doesnt like me! You pay for it!” Angel roared and pounced on Xiao Zhi.

Xiao Zhi slipped and fell to the ground.

The broken pieces of the crystal cut her, and blood immediately flowed out.

Xiao Zhi cried and hugged Angel, “Angel, stop.

Please stop!”

Her pleas made Angel even angrier.

“You need to stop acting first!”

Jing Tian had taken one step forward when I stopped him.

I pushed Jing Tian in Jing Nis direction.

I knew that Jing Ni would help me keep an eye on Jing Tian.

I stepped on the crystal fragments and walked up to her.

I pushed Angel away and picked up Xiao Zhi from the ground.

Xiao Zhis legs were badly pierced by the crystal fragments, and her face was full of tears.

Angel pounced on me while wailing.

I raised my leg to kick her away.

Unexpectedly, before I could, a long cloth shot from behind.

It curled around Angel.

Jing Tian had used a blue table cloth to tie up Angel.

Jing Tian apprehended this wild child without even touching her! Beautiful!

Angel was dumbfounded.

Just as she was about to cry, Jing Tian said coldly, “Shut up!”

Angel obliged.

Jing Tian threw her onto the sofa.

He then helped Xiao Zhi up.

“Aunt Zhi, call the family doctor.”

“Tm sorry, Jing Tian.

Im sorry, Nanxing.

Its all my fault.

I shouldnt have made Angel angry.” Xiao Zhis tears fell like rain.

She didnt care about her wounds but held my hand and cried.

“Bitch, youre not playing the pity game!” Angel, who was tied up, struggled and shouted again.

Xiao Zhi had a forbearing look on her face.

I gently pushed Jing Tians hand away and helped Xiao Zhi to the sofa on the other side.

Ignoring Angels screams, I said indifferently, “Madam, it seems that you still have something to deal with at home.

We wont disturb you any longer.

Well go back first.”


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