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Chapter 601: Negotiations

Translator: Lonelytree

He lowered his head and looked at Nanxing, who was blinking innocently in his arms.

“You only know that Phoenix Blood accompanies the genetic disease, but you have no idea that Phoenix Blood is also the only way to treat it.

She is not a disaster.

Shes your only cure.”

The young uncle told his two nephews sincerely, “The family motto of Our Tong family is to face difficulties head-on, not to run away.

You should focus on finding a way to use Phoenix Blood to treat diseases, not to destroy the only carrier of Phoenix Blood! Moreover, regardless of whether Nanxing has

Phoenix Blood or not, she is your sister.

That is reasoning enough for you not to kill her.

The Tong Family doesnt turn on each other.

This is the family teaching.

Tong Zhuo, go to the ancestral hall and kneel for an hour to reflect on yourself.

I will not tell anyone about this, but I will order the family

butler to guard the hall so that you complete your reflection!”

He hugged Nanxing and turned around.

He put his arm around Tong Mos shoulder and walked away from Tong Zhuo.

Tong Mo said in a low voice, “Uncle, you should warn brother not to get close to sister again.”

Tong Le sighed lightly.

“It wont help.”

Tong Mo Thought for a moment.

“Okay, uncle.

I will definitely develop a cure in the future.

I will make my sister a lucky star and save my family.”

Tong Le smiled and encouraged, “Okay! Tong Mo is ambitious.

I will support you! When you grow up, come to the lab to find uncle.

We will work hard together!”

Tong Mo was greatly encouraged and was in high spirits.

“Nanxing is a little lucky star,” Nanxing suddenly said in his arms.

Tong Le kissed Nanxing on the cheek.

“Yes, Nanxing is our little lucky star.”

Nanxing gave them a big smile.

Tong Hui kindly advised, “Huanhuan, I have formed a super-strong medical team.

If you give me Nanxing, I will give you two listed companies and five small islands.

You are so young.

You can have another child.

Phoenix Blood is the right of the Tong Family.

Consider it your sacrifice to the family.”

Tong Huan burst into tears.

“Big Brother, Im willing to be the Tong familys slave for the rest of my life.

Well give all of our assets to the Tong family.

I only beg you not to touch my Nanxing.”

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Nan Zheng also quickly said, “Big Brother, give us some time.

Weve already found someone who can change Nanxings phoenix blood.

She wont be a threat to the Tong family, really! Shell become an ordinary person!”

Tong Hui frowned.

“The two of you, stop being so stubborn! How can the Phoenix blood be transmuted It is the symbol of our Tong family!”

Tong Zhan, who was silent, said, “Big Brother, arent we making too much of a fuss Nanxing has the Phoenix Blood, but none of us are sick.

Maybe were spared this time.

Perhaps Nanxing is our lucky star after all.”

Tong Huan and Nan Zhengs eyes lit up, and they looked at their second brother gratefully.

Tong Hui said angrily, “Youre the second brother.

Of course, youre not worried! Itll be too late to find a solution when one of us gets sick.”

Tong Huan pleaded, “Big Brother, second brother is right.

Ever since Nanxing was born, our familys business has been getting better and better.

No one in the family has fallen sick, right We can transmute Nanxings Phoenix Blood.

We dont want a single cent from the Tong Family.

We only ask that you

let her go.

Were blood-related siblings.

Youre her blood-related uncle!”

Tong Huis attitude was very firm.

“If you still care about family ties, then you should hand this child over to us! Just pretend that you never gave birth to this child! Just give birth to another one..

Is this really that difficult”


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