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Chapter 611 Provocation


Translator: Lonelytree


Li looked at me with a complicated expression.

“Nanxing, youre… different.”

I nodded.

I glanced at Jing Tian, who was still in a deep sleep.

“If youve lived a few lifetimes like me, youll understand my feelings.

I just want to live a good life and be with the person I love, but its so difficult.

When I

was young, my parents tried to cover up my Phoenix Blood and had me live a normal life.

That was the saddest part of my memory.”

I heaved a sigh of relief.

“So, I think what that great wizard said makes sense.

I was born this way, so why go against destiny Nanxing is unique because she has Phoenix Blood.

My parents can not die in vain, and my

uncle and cousin, who loved me and protected me, can not die in vain.

I have to take back everything that was owed to them.


Li, Im not crazy, am I”


Li scratched his head.

“Sigh, when will the disputes in this mortal world end”

I said indifferently, “Where there are people, there will be disputes.

We cant avoid them, so we just have to face them.

In the next few days, Ill have to trouble you to do something about those two worms.

You must

lure Ma Ji out for me.

Lets end this quickly.

You can return to your tribe, and I can return to my normal life.”

What I said was true.

I wanted to cherish my life.

I have Jing Tian and a new lifetime.

Why should I waste my time fighting with them

After Mr.

Li left, I held Jing Tians hand and placed it on the side of my face.

“The whole world has nothing to do with me.

I only want you, Jing Tian.”

I gave Jing Ni and Mai Qia big hug.

They were so happy that they cried.

They understood that I had recovered my memory.


Thank God, Thank God, Nanxing.

Youre finally Nanxing.” Mai Qi was in tears.

What she said made sense.

Nanxing, who had no memory, was indeed not Nanxing.

“Are you ready to fight But I want to deal with that Angel first.” I said with a smile.

Both of them nodded.

“No problem.

Lets check up on her.

What are your plans Lets hear them first.”

I briefly explained my thoughts.

“Nanxing without memories doesnt have a soul, but at least its safe to be around her.

Nanxing with her memories will inevitably attract bloodshed.

You dont mind, do you”

Mai Qi sighed and looked at Jing Ni.

“I do mind.

Can I back out now”

I smiled and shook my head.

“Its too late.

You cant back out!”

The three of us couldnt help but laugh.

Miss Angels whereabouts werent difficult to track down, and she didnt try to hide.

In the nightclub, she was having fun with a group of men and women.

She liked to be surrounded by people who worshiped her.

When the three of us entered, she actually saw us.

However, she was able to remain calm and didnt come over to cause trouble for us.

It seemed that her parents had taught her a lesson.

Unfortunately, we were only there to cause trouble, so how could we let her ignore us

Ireached out and called the waiter over.

I placed a card on his tray and said, “Ill take care of everything here tonight.

A free round for all the customers here.”

The waiters face was beaming with joy.

He immediately asked, “Miss, is today a special day for you”

Iwas amused by his strict attitude.

“I just had a good dream.

I hope everyone can have a good dream too.”

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The waiter was confused, but he still left with the card.

Then, the DJ paused the music to say that I had decided to treat everyone in the building.

Everyone cheered.

But Angels face was green..


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