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The three of us sat in the booth, so it was easy for us to observe every position inside the club.

“Guess who the owner of this nightclub is” The computer in Mai Qis palm was very small.

Jing Ni said, “Who Is it someone from our family But I dont remember any of us having this business.”

Mai Qi looked at me.

I shook my head.

There were a few people over there coaxing Angel and looking over from time to time.

“Its Gu Nians.” Seeing that I wasnt interested, Mai Qi gave the answer.

“Thats not surprising.

The business of the Seven Brothers is varied.

Gu Nian seems to like nightclubs and KTV places.” I thought about Gu Nians business.

Mai Qi nodded.

“Among the Seven Brothers, Gu Nian is best at collecting information.

Our information comes from the Internet.

Its secondhand information.

Gu Nian uses his businesses to collect information from the ground.

Its more direct.”


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