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When I mentioned Gu Nians name, Lu Yans eyes were filled with hatred.

She raised her hand to hit my face, and I grabbed her wrist.

She sneered as I looked at her swollen face.

“Lu Yan, why havent you changed your surname to Lu Is it because you dont feel like youve earned it

“You are the eldest daughter of the Gu Family, but you do not have the temperament to carry that title.

Is that why youre on this small island Youre here to boss people around because you dont feel powerful at home

“Compared to the Gu Family, the president of this island is nothing.

How big of an embarrassment you must be to the Gu Family.

You are such a disappointment to the Family.

Even Ye Qian was better at this job than you are!”

I let go of Lu Yans hand and gave her a push.

Lu Yan took a few steps back and bumped into a booth.

She fell and looked at me with shock and resentment.

I continued.

“Do you know why Gu Nian doesnt like you Its because youre too pretentious.

He admired you when you were a poor college student starting from the ground up.

However, he saw through your schemes and witnessed your ugliness.

So, he only has disgust for you now.

You made him lose interest in you.

It has nothing to do with me.

I could be absent, and hed still hate you.

Stop using me as an excuse for your failure.”

Lu Yan collapsed on the sofa with a pale face like a dried flower.

She didnt move at all.

I aimed for the heart.

It was simple and clear.

I turned around to look at Angel, who had her eyes wide open, and asked, “Do you still want to fight”

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She looked at me foolishly.

I walked up to her and patted her face twice.

My tone was gentle.

“Remember, Jing Tian is my fiancé! I dont care about sharing my man.

You have a good taste to fall for him, but you cant covet him.

Either you hide your love, or you leave this island.

Pick one.

If you cant, Ill pick one for you! Thats all!”

I waved at Jing Ni and Mai Qi and left.

I walked to the door and said to the manager, who was trembling in fear, “You know who I am, right Go to my house and ask Vincent for money.”

When I got back in the car, Mai Qi and Jing Ni pounced on me and kissed me on both sides of my face.

“Oh, my Nanxing!”

“Oh, my baby!”

They were both delighted.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at them.

“I assume you like Hooligan Nanxing.”

Both of them nodded in unison, their eyes sparkling.

“We love this Hooligan Nanxing.”

I leaned back in my chair.

“Do you think Gu Nian will respond”

Mai Qi shook her head.

“I dont know.

Honestly, I dont care.

He can do whatever he wants.

But I feel great seeing you like this.

I never thought this would be the way we finally made Lu Yan our enemy.

Ive long disliked her.

Why havent I thought about exposing her like this Nanxing is the best! With a few words, she exposed the vixen for the bitch that she is!”

Jing Ni smiled.

“Im so proud.

Nanxing is our idol.

Nanxing, I love you!

Jing Ni hugged me again.

I couldnt help but laugh.

These two dummies..


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