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Chapter 622 Sea Wolves

I looked at them.

“Lu Heng, Xiao Yi is very impulsive, but he is quick-witted.

He may not be very satisfactory as your team member, but he is still competent as an assistant.

Xiao Yi, Lu Heng is a professionally trained team captain.

So, you have to listen to him.”

Both of them answered in unison, “Yes!”

I looked at the Sea Wolves logo on Lu Hengs armband.

I said softly, “Lu Heng, Sea Wolves used to be my fathers team.

I only found out recently that I have a small organization called Sky City.

Xiao Yi is from Sky City.

I left before I had the chance to develop Sky City.

I didnt expect to meet you guys.

My uncle used the name Sea Wolves because he likes to remind himself that my father was defeated by him.”

Lu Heng reached out to touch the armband on his arm.

He said softly, “Sea Wolves are the lowest-ranked and worst treated group in the Tong family.

Every time there is a battle drill, we are the enemy.

We also have the heaviest casualties because we are the cannon fodder for every mission.”

Lu Heng looked at me.

“The survivors have gone through countless life and death situations.

Therefore, when you asked me if I were willing to follow you, I didnt hesitate.

Miss, you are a new hope for my brothers and sisters.

Granted, there are only five of us left now, but Sea Wolves are not dead yet.”

I reached out and caressed Lu Hengs armband.

My eyes watered.

“Sea Wolves will now lead Sky Citys training.

We shant be separated within ourselves.

Help me train them to become the best version of Sea Wolves.”

Lu Heng nodded solemnly.

Xiao Yi whispered, “Sister Xing, can… I just be Brother Lus secretary Can I skip the training”

I looked at him and smiled.

“Lu Heng, you can start with Xiao Yi.

Then, youll have an idea of how to train the others.”

Xiao Yi had a bitter look on his face.

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Lu Heng couldnt help but say, “Xiao Yi, training is for survival.

You need to survive to protect Miss.”

Xiao Yi immediately straightened his posture.

“Alright, then Ill do it.”

I smiled.

“Everyones life is important.

I dont want you to exchange your life for mine.

Lu Heng, I want to bring honor back to the Sea Wolves.

Help me.”

Lu Heng put his hands behind his back and stood at attention.

“Miss, dont worry.

Lu Heng is willing to die for you!”

Sea Wolves was a joke Tong Hui left around for his pride.

I would turn this sick joke of his into his nightmare.

I would return Sea Wolves to their glory state during my fathers days.

When I returned to the main house, Mai Qi and Jing Ni were already waiting in the living room.

“Where did you go You told us to meet you here, but you didnt show for so long!” Mai Qi complained.

“I went to check the security,” I replied.

Jing Ni sat opposite us, her eyes drooping as she fiddled with the computer in her hand.

I glanced at her and asked Mai Qi, “When will your brother be back”

Mai Qi shrugged.

“Who knows Ask my sister-in-law.”

We all looked at Jing Ni.

Jing Ni was unmoved.

I told Mai Qi, “Did you know that my father once had a team called the Sea Wolves”

Jing Ni raised her head.

Like Mai Qi, her eyes were filled with questions.

I told them about Lu Heng.

“Im so happy knowing that I have inherited my fathers team.”

Jing Ni put down the computer in her hand and smiled.


My gaze fell on her face.


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