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Chapter 623 Mask

Jing Ni smiled gently, stood up, and walked towards Mai Qi.

I was one step ahead of her.

Before her fingers touched Mai Qi, I pulled her up and pushed her


Mai Qi screamed and fell onto the sofa on the other side.

She cried out in pain, not knowing why.

I stood in front of her, facingJing Ni in front of me.

‘Jing Ni smiled.

“Nanxing, my dear, whats wrong with you”.

I looked at her, my mind racing.

I only wanted to protect Mai Qi, who was beside me.

‘Jing Ni took a step forward, her smile deepening

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“Stand there and dont move, Ma Ji,” I said coldly.

“Ma Ji” Mai Qi had already stood up from the sofa and stood beside me.

I extended my arm to block her behind me.

Seeing this,Jing Ni smiled.

Her smile had already turned into a fake one.

Her gaze was cold, one I was familiar with.

“Nanxing, you are indeed different.” I lightly said, “Thanks to you.” “Wheres Jing Ni” I asked her.

My heart was already in a mess, but I had no choice but to calm down.

I bet Ma Ji wouldnt dare do anything to Jing Ni.

Jing Ni was too valuable as a bargaining chip.

Mai Qi came back to her senses.

“How did you become Jing Ni Wheres Jing Ni” She looked at me in panic.

“But I was with her all the time!” After thinking for a while, she said, “No, she went to Jing Tians house in the middle.”

I looked at Ma Ji without batting an eyelid.

Ma Ji reached out her hand and touched her chin, lifting up a thin mask, then she let out a long sigh.

“It was too rushed.

The disguise is a little crude.

No wonder you saw through it at a glance.

This Miss Mai Qi is a little lacking.

She spent an hour with me and didnt notice anything.”

Mai Qi gave me an apologetic look.

I pulled her hand.

I told her I didnt mind.

“Im familiar with both Ma Ji and Jing Ni.

Plus, I knew Ma Ji is on the island.

I was wondering how shed appear before me.

I called you and Jing Ni over here to launch an investigation.”

Ma Jis pale face had a creepy smile.

“Nanxing, youre so smart that Im jealous.

Do you know that Youre really annoying when you see through things at a glance.” I looked at her and gradually calmed down.

I smiled.

“Im happy that I can annoy you.” Ma J smiled.

“My dear, theres really no need for you to torture yourself like this.

As long as my parasitic worm is still in your body, youll never recover.

Oh, right.

You might not even know that.

Yes, Ive placed some voodoo worms in your body.

Were destined to be inseparable for the rest of our lives.” These words made me feel at ease.

“My doctor has told me that.

My only choice is to listen to you.

Otherwise, you will make me suffer.”

Ma Ji was very satisfied.

“Yes, your doctor is a good doctor.”

“Then trigger your worms and let me see their power.

You know me.

Ill never surrender until I suffer.

Ill have to suffer before I become obedient.

Hell, when I didnt have my memory, you couldnt control me.

What about now” I challenged her.

Ma Ji shook her head and sighed.

“I dont get it.

You only have half of the Tong familys bloodline, yet you inherited 100% of the Tong familys temper.

Its even more authentic than the Tong Familys human experiments.

Is this Gods will”


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