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Chapter 628 Truth or Falsehood

“The person in the Tong family who got sick from the hereditary illness is not Tong Hui, but Tong Zhuo,” Tong Yan finally got to the point.

Jing Tian and I couldnt help but clench our fists.

We exchanged a glance.

This was indeed something we hadnt expected.

“Tong Hui loved his son the most.

He loved him like a treasure.

When he learned that his son was going to inherit the Tong familys illness, his heart ached so much that he almost went crazy.

Thats why he wanted to take you for his own.

Throughout the ages, everyone knew that the Phoenix Blood was a priceless treasure, but the Tong family had never used the phoenix blood to do anything.

They served it as a divine gift.

“However, Tong Hui couldnt watch his son being tormented by the illness.

Therefore, he was determined to solve the mystery of the Phoenix Blood and use the Phoenix Blood to save his son.

For this reason, he made friends with many mysterious people, such as Ma Jis father and sister.”

Tong Yan paused for a moment.

I recalled the sad and beautiful story that Ma Ji told me.

In that story, Tong Hui fell in love with the tribes priestess.

He abandoned her and was cursed.

I once felt sorry for the priestess.

I thought Ma Ji wanted to take revenge for her sister too, but in the end, Ma Ji was Tong Huis most capable assistant.

She did everything she could for Tong Hui.

“They hit it off immediately.

Tong Hui and the sister fell in love immediately.

That woman was dumb.

Once she fell in love, Tong Hui was everything in her world.

She gave him everything.

This was a burden for Tong Hui.

Once Tong Hui made sure that he had exhausted the sisters value, he arranged for her to be killed.

But he didnt expect that the sister had planted a spell on him.

If he betrayed her, his legs would be incapacitated.” I couldnt help but think of the story that Ma Ji had told me.

It turned out that the story wasnt entirely fake.

I also thought of how Tong Hui was always in a wheelchair.

I couldnt help but ask, “So, that was what happened to Tong Huis legs”.

Tong Yan nodded.

“Thats right.

He couldnt walk.

They found the best doctors, but they couldnt do anything.

Ma Ji and her father tried everything, but it was to no avail too.

The sister used her immense love and life to cast this spell.

It was too powerful to undo.

However, Ma Ji thought of Phoenix Blood.

With Phoenix Blood and their witchcraft, they could undo the curse.

“The father and son were both tormented by illnesses.

Tong Zhuo would act like a madman when he was ill.

One time, he bit Tong Hui when his illness flared up.

However, once he tasted his fathers blood, Tong Zhuo settled down.”

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A strange smile appeared on Tong Yans face.

“Isnt it funny Tong Hui loved his son very much, but when he found out he could cure his son, he was reluctant to help.

According to Ma Jis analysis, he could be Tong Zhuos antidote because Tong Hui had once been injected with Phoenix Blood and it was enhanced by her sisters spell.

“In any case, this was a problem that only Phoenix Blood could solve.

Tong Hui immediately ordered his people to look for you, Nanxing.

As long as it could cure his illness, you could be captured alive or not.

On the other hand, they tried other methods like giving birth.

“What if he could give birth to another child with Phoenix Blood Even if he couldnt, he would gain many experimental subjects.

That was how my siblings and I came to be.

Nanxing, Im sure youve never thought of that, right”


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