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Chapter 629 Story

Indeed, this caused my back to turn cold.

That was how Tong Yan, Tong Lin, and the rest came to be

“How come only you know about this Tong Lin doesnt seem to have any knowledge of this.” I asked her.

Tong Lin was just a fool.

Tong Yan looked at me, the corners of her lips slightly raised.

She revealed a bitter smile.

“Because I was the only one who had signs similar to the Phoenix Blood.

I was like a treasure to them.

I was fed with all kinds of poisons since I was young.

There was a period of time when Sir used my blood, and it was indeed able to alleviate his symptoms.

However, as I grew older, the effects gradually disappeared.

As a result, I became useless.

It was a pity to kill me, so I was given to Ma Ji to be used as a human experiment.

She also used me to vent her anger.”

I looked at her with pity.

The way she looked at me became even more sorrowful.

“Do you know how much I hate you During those days, my only thought was to survive so that I could kill Nanxing with my own hands.

If it werent for you, I wouldnt have ended up with that life.

However, when I stayed with you for those three years, I realized your state wasnt much better than mine.

I felt better then.

“However, we are ultimately different.

The Phoenix Blood confirms your status.

“Over the years, Master and Young Master were like fire and water.

Young Master took over most of Masters business and army.

Master surrendered step by step because he knew he couldnt fight Young Master in his weakened condition.

“However, the Phoenix Blood would change everything.

With the Phoenix Blood, Masters body could recover, and Young Master could be cured.

However, no matter how hard Master tried to negotiate with Young Master, the latter refused to listen.

He has a horrible temper.

He only gave the Master a very short time to look for you and to come up with the antidote.

Whenever the time limit was up, the Young Master would destroy Masters base.

This has been happening for years.

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“The attack that made you lose your memory happened because Young Master lost his temper again.

Master didnt find the antidote in time.

Ma Ji urged Master to hide.

She used drugs to control you and made you tell her about the island your parents left behind.

That island became our safe haven for more than three years.

Ma Ji started her research instantly.

Those were the happiest three years of my life.

I was finally no longer Ma Jis experiment.

I was so happy to see you being tortured every day!” Tong Yan chuckled softly.

My palms were already sweaty.

Jing Tian held my hand.

He transmitted his warmth to me.

“Have you caught up to the reason why we ran away that day” She glanced at me, her gaze pausing for a moment on Jing Tians hand and mine.

“It was because the island guards discovered that two teams were heading toward our island.

Ma Ji and Master decided that they couldnt let both Master and Phoenix Blood fall into Young Masters hands at the same time.

That was why she told me to get you to escape in another direction.

Of course, she wouldnt trust me.

That was why she poisoned me before we left.

If I dared to disobey her, I would die.

My stomach ached day and night.

It was her parasite reminding me not to betray her.

“I believe they were caught soon after we left the island, but Im not worried at all.

Once Ma Ji revealed a small titbit about Phoenix Blood, Young Master will definitely let them live.

They will then come to find you.

And I am with you, so after they find me, they will find you.”


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