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Chapter 633 Business

I smiled as I watched Angel cover her face.

Her shock turned into anger, and her face turned red.

“How dare you hit me”

I nodded.

“Why wouldnt I dare This is not the first time either.”

“You…” Angels hand was about to touch my cheek.

I didnt dodge.

I smiled at her.

“Miss Angel, why dont we settle the score today Tell me, what do you want from me Why did you invite me here today”

I crossed my arms and smiled at her.

Lu Yan reached out to pull her back and whispered, “Angel.”

Angel glared at her and glared at me hatefully.

“Lu Yan, tell her!”

I looked at Lu Yan.

“So youre the spokesperson.

Why didnt you say so earlier Youre really lucky to have found this little fool to do your dirty work.” I glanced at Angel with disdain.

Angel exploded.

“Nanxing! Dont push your luck! Ive given you an inch, dont take a mile.”

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I raised my eyebrows.

“Am I doing that Angel, we already know each other.

You wouldnt have invited me if someone didnt order you to do that, right”

Angel and Lu Yan stopped talking.

I looked at Jing Tian proudly.

I guessed correctly.

A faint smile appeared on Jing Tians lips.

Angel looked at Jing Tian in a daze.

I noticed it.

“What Have you not seen my fiance smile Unfortunately, hes not smiling at you, but at me! In this world, Im the only one who can make him smile! Hes mine! In this life and the next!”

I childishly provoked Angel.

Angel was furious.

“No! Hes my cousin! He is mine!”

“He doesnt have a cousin! Even if he does, its not you! Your own stepmother doesnt recognize you, so how can he be your cousin Dont be shameless! Do you think that just because your father is the president, you can do whatever you want Dont forget this island is mine! Who do you think has the bigger power”

“How much do you want for this island” Angel suddenly asked.

Her tone was very serious.

“What” I was stunned.

“What did you say” I couldnt help but ask her to repeat.

“I said, how much do you want for this island” Angel repeated impatiently.

I looked at her.

There were clear five fingerprints on the left side of her cheek.

She had a taut face, a disdainful gaze, and clenched fists by her side.

I smiled.

“Did I say that I wanted to sell the island”

Angel looked up.

“You can consider it now.”

I shook my head.

“I wont consider it.”

Angel glared at me.

“Dont push it.

Im doing you a favor.

If you dont appreciate this opportunity, the consequences will be… hmph!”

I was quite surprised.

“Although I dont want to sell this island, I still want to hear what price Miss Angel wants to offer.

Perhaps I can be moved.”

A trace of pride flashed across Angels face.

“Even though I hate you, I wont take advantage of you.

One billion.

Once you sell this island, you can take the money and leave.

I wont even hold a grudge for you hitting me.”

“One billion” I looked at her.

Is she crazy

Angel said, “Isnt that a reasonable price Im not one to take advantage of others.”

I laughed in anger.

“Thats funny.

But Im curious.

Where did you get this one billion I dont believe you casually have one billion sitting around.”


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