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Chapter 634 Speculation

Angel rolled her eyes at me.

“Dont worry about that! Once you sign this contract, this matter will be settled.

I can also give you two boats so that you can move all your belongings.”

The arrangement was quite detailed.

I turned around to look at Jing Tian.

I wanted to know if my guess was correct.

Jing Tian raised his hand and gestured five fingers at me.

I suddenly understood.

I turned around to look at Angel.

“Miss Angel, youre so greedy.

Do your parents know that”

Angel sneered.

“I dont understand what youre saying!” I looked at her and teased, “If I sell this island for one billion, youll earn four billion in profit,


A trace of panic flashed in Angels eyes.

She couldnt help but look at Lu Yan.

I also looked toward Lu Yan.

“This was your idea, wasnt it Did you really think I would sell the island that is worth 5 billion for 1 billion I see that you havent improved much over the

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Lu Yans face turned red.

“You… how did you know that they had offered 5 billion” Angel cried out.

I smiled at her.

“I didnt.

My fiance was the one who hinted that to me.

Im just like you, ignorant and incompetent.

But I have a powerful fiancé who knows everything.

Ill listen to him.

Im sure hes right!”

Angel glanced at Jing Tian resentfully and gritted her teeth.

“Fine! Five billion then! Ill give it all to you! I want you to leave this island immediately and never come back again!”

I smiled.

“Did I say I want to sell the island”

Angel was stunned for a moment.

“What do you mean Im already offering you five billion.

What more do you want”

I slowly stopped smiling.

I looked at her.

“Go back and tell your father that if he leaves now, Ill give him one billion.

If he continues to act like this, I wont be polite anymore.

I have never played my cards according to the rules.

I dont even know what Id do next.” I glanced at Lu Yan, whose face had turned green.

“Isnt that right, Lu Yan”

“Nanxing, five billion is not a small amount!” Lu Yan said.

She brushed off my humiliation.

Her face had gotten thicker over the years.

After all, she had lived at the bottom of society since she was young.

This also made it difficult for her to take on such a big responsibility even though she had climbed up to the top.

I suddenly missed Ye Qian.

Sometimes, it was a blessing to be able to meet a worthy opponent.

My interest waned.

I said indifferently, “Go back.

You two are not cut out for business.

I will not make a deal with you either.

Tell Tong Zhuo to come to talk to me.

Since hes already here, its not right for him to avoid me.” I looked at Angel and smiled.

“I have a cousin too, one related by blood.

He was quite good-looking in my memory.

He should still be quite handsome now.

However, I wont like my cousin.

In fact, Im afraid of him.

In my fragmented memory, he had been trying to claim my life.

What do you think of such a cousin”

Angel looked at me in confusion.

It was a waste of words to talk to such idiots.

I turned to Lu Yan and said, “Go back and tell Master Gu Er to stop playing games.

Youve already exposed them.

Is your plan to chase me out of the island But I dont think that is the intention of your new guest.

Please go back and figure out what is happening before you make a fool of yourself.”

Lu Yan gritted her teeth.

“Nanxing! Dont be too arrogant!” I looked at her.

“What cant I I have the backing to do that”


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