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Chapter 652 Instigating

The president nodded and smiled without saying a word.

He was like a wolf.

Many people looked at me.

I didnt say anything.

I wanted to hear what they had to say.

Someone behind the president said loudly, “This island should belong to the president.

We should make a rule that the island belongs to whoever becomes the president!”

Someone retorted, “Thats just wrong.

Our island is a private island, so the ownership is private.”

“So what Since its private, then it can be bought and sold.

We can buy it and let Mr.

President manage it.

We are an autonomous country.”

Everyone was talking at once.

The vice presidents side was not willing to be outdone.

“If thats the case, then why dont we compete for it! The one with the highest price will get it!”


Since the buyer will become president, then we can all compete for the presidency.

How is that democratic”

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I met Tong Huis half-smiling gaze and shrugged at him.

I wasnt the least bit angry at these ignorant peoples shameless boasting.

Gu Nians expression was unsightly.

He tapped the microphone and motioned for everyone to quiet down.

“I thought I would hear some fair voices, but I didnt expect everyone to have the same thoughts.

Were standing on someone elses Island but thinking about how to force the owner to sell the island and chase her out.

Everyone, isnt that a bit unsightly”

The hall fell silent for a moment.

“Master Liu, are you taking Master Qis side” Master Wei Wu asked coldly.

Gu Nian was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Im on truth and reasons side.”

Master Wei Wu laughed coldly.

“How ludicrous.

Then, what is your opinion regarding Nanxings malicious assault on the islanders”

Gu Nian refused to budge.

“Master Wu, do you have evidence of that As I said, Im on the side of the truth.

If Master Wu has evidence, just bring it out and let everyone judge.”

Master Wei Wu continued to sneer.

“Whats the point of that Everyone agrees that shes unruly and unruly.

This is because she has no parents to educate her!”

Gu Nian was so angry that she took a step forward.

Tong Hui, on the other hand, said unhurriedly, “Master Wu, youre right.

This niece of mine lacked family education because her parents died young.

She has made a fool of herself.

Why dont I apologize to everyone This child has been living by my side for the past few years.

However, she was swindled away by someone with evil intentions.

All the teachings I gave her were undone.

This really makes me sad.

Regarding this island, everyone can bid on it.

Its only fair that the highest bidder gets it.

As for Nanxing… I want to take her with me and train her for a few more years.”

What a load of rubbish.

He had also turned Jing Tian into a human trafficker.

“Where do you want to take her” A clear voice suddenly came from the door.

I stood up in surprise and looked toward the door.

My handsome little uncle was walking in through the door with my friend Mai Qi by his side.

“Little uncle, why did you come back” I blurted out.

My little uncle walked up to me and looked at me.

“How can I leave when youre here Should I just leave you here to be bullied”

His pupils were dark.

I muttered, “No, little uncle.

No one can bully


I didnt want you to be bullied, silly!

I couldnt help but look at Jing Tian and Qu Hao.

They were the only ones who could persuade my little uncle.

However, the two of them were looking at my little uncle with excitement as if they were saying, “Brother, youve finally arrived.”


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