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Chapter 662 Bastard

Tong Huis face was filled with pain.

“Tong Zhuo, why are you still forcing yourself at this point”

He lowered his voice, but the hall was very quiet so we could all hear him.

Tong Zhuo sneered.

“Ill die if I dont force myself.

Ive prepared for so many years.

I dont mind dying.” He didnt look at Tong Hui but instead smiled at me.

“Nanxing, I really regret not snatching you away earlier.”

Then, he smiled at my little uncle.

“Little uncle, long time no see! How are you Are you surprised that Im still alive”

My little uncle looked at him.

His lowered hand was clenched into a fist, and it was trembling slightly.


Tong Zhuo said calmly, “The Tong family is a cursed family.

The Tong family has the Phoenix Blood, but at the same time, the Tong family has a strange blood disease.

What can that mean but for the family to fight each other But I dont get it.

Nanxing is not a member of the Tong Family, but she has the Phoenix Blood.

Isnt that a sign from God

“Why wont you agree to sacrifice Nanxing to save me Are you willing to watch your own family die and allow this half-blooded girl to live I hate being born into the Tong Family! Why are there so many men in the family but Im the only one who is cursed”

My little uncle said calmly, “Youre the chosen one.”

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His words were full of sarcasm, but they were also the truth.

Tong Zhuo sneered, “You have been biased toward Tong Mo and Nanxing since you were young.

Can you tell me why”

My little uncle said calmly, “Because you always bully the weak.

I am your elder.

I wont stand there and watch you bully your younger brothers and sisters.”

Tong Zhuos eyes were filled with coldness.

He sneered and said, “Then, my dear youngest uncle, why did you let me off again and again when you found me”

The little uncle was visibly shocked and couldnt say a word.

Tong Zhuos smile was bloodthirsty.

“I burned down the Tong familys manor house and killed over a hundred people in the family.

Little Uncle, havent you found any clue after so many years Or did you fear facing the truth Youre afraid.”

My little uncles knuckles snapped, and I held him carefully.

Tong Zhuo looked at Jing Tian with a smile.

“When you found Nanxing for the first time, I was the one who took them away before you did.

I left that small island as a clue for my little uncle.

It was a signal for him that Tong Zhuo was there.

Didnt he tell you about that Was he that blind Or did he hide it from you on purpose It was also me the second time.

You were still one step behind me.

The dilapidated ruins were my presents for you.

My good little uncle didnt tell you about them How can you trust your good brother if he hides things from you”

Jing Tian looked at him expressionlessly.

My little uncle dashed over.


He threw a punch at Tong Zhuo.

The bodyguard behind Tong Zhuo stepped forward and took the punch for Tong Zhuo.

My little uncle was knocked back a few steps.

I stepped forward to support him.

“Little uncle, dont fall for his taunts!”

My little uncles eyes were bloodshot.

“Bastard! Youre a bastard!”

Tong Zhuo remained calm, “Yes, Im a bastard because my father is a bastard.

Of course, Im a bastard too!” He said indifferently, “Little uncle, you should thank me for sparing your life.

I originally wanted to choose Tong Mo as the sole survivor of the Tong Family, but I realized hed cause me problems in the future.

So I chose you.

Grandpa was right.

Youre too kind.

So youd let me go.”


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