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Chapter 668 Conjectures

I was satisfied.

Nothing else mattered as long as Jing Tian was here with me.

I ate my fill and didnt care about anything else.

After I was full, I simply rested my head on Jing Tians leg and sighed while stroking my stomach.

“Ah, Im so full! Its so comfortable.”

Jing Tian placed his hand on my head and combed my hair with his finger.

“Do you want to sleep for a while”

“Yes.” I nodded slightly and took the opportunity to scan the roof.

“There should be a camera in the corner of the room behind you,” I said softly.

“Yes, ignore it.” Jing Tian leaned over and kissed my forehead.

I sat up immediately and pulled him up.

“Lets go to the window to get some fresh air.”

Jing Tian smiled.

He helped me up and went to the window.

However, the window was sealed.

I couldnt open it no matter what.

I could only see the endless sea outside the window.

It was so calm that I felt annoyed just by looking at it.

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“Hmph! Youre so stingy.

You wont even let us get some fresh air,” I pouted.

Jing Tian leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Look at that island in the distance.”

I looked far into the distance.

There was only a hazy shadow of the island.

It seemed that we had sailed quite a distance.

“Take a closer look, Nanxing,” Jing Tian whispered into my ear.

I was puzzled.

After hearing Nanxings words, I looked outside again.

My heart jolted, and I turned around to look at Jing Tian in surprise.

“Praise the weather,” Jing Tian whispered again.

“Jing Tian, the weather outside is so nice.

I want to get some fresh air.

Hmph, Tong Zhuo is so stingy that he wont even open the windows for us! Hes still as annoying as he was when he was a child.

I hate him so much!” Everything happened too suddenly.

I was still processing what Jing Tian said so there wasnt much oomph behind my curses.

However, Tong Zhuo still appeared at the door immediately.

“Do you want some fresh air Im sorry, but I wont let you open the window.

The reason is obvious.

Im afraid that youll run away!”

I didnt care.

“Master Qi, please show me what youre capable of.

Dont let Nanxing shoulder everything.

Thats not a mans behavior, is


Jing Tian shot him a disdainful glance.

“Can you not be so nosy Please dont disturb our private time, okay”.

Tong Zhuo looked at us disdainfully and left in a flash.

I raised my head to look at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian turned his body to the side, his back facing the camera.

“I suspect that this room is fake.

We probably never left the banquet hall.”

My eyes widened, and my mouth was wide enough to hold an egg.

Jing Tian held my hand and led me to explore the surrounding walls bit by bit.

He was seriously looking for the mechanism and the exit.

As for me, I was held by his hand like a fool.

The little stars in my eyes flickered and then disappeared.

Jing Tian said in a low voice that only I could hear, “The island outside the window hasnt changed even after such a long time.

It means that the ship hasnt moved at all, or that the ship is fake.

I suspect the latter.

If he had really done it, how did he manage to get past our circle of defense Plus Tong Le and Gao Jing are around.

Unless Tong Zhuo knows magic, he wouldnt be able to wrap us up in a box and move us onto a ship.”

I nodded.

It made sense.

I raised my voice again.

“Jing Tian, perhaps youre wrong Maybe Tong Zhuo does know magic.

This is all too strange!”

I made up some nonsense to cover up the work that Jing Tian and I were doing.


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