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I asked anxiously, “How can I stop the blood loss”


Li and Lin Ran looked at each other.

Lin Ran said helplessly, “Mr.

Li, you better hurry.

Look at how anxious she is.

Jing Tian is her everything.

Shed do anything for him.”


Li took the knife I handed him resentfully.

He said discontentedly, “Whats so good about this kid So, hes a little good-looking.

What else is he good for Do you need to die for him”

I didnt say anything and only raised my arm in front of him.

He glared at me and grabbed my wrist, motioning for me to stretch out my palm.

“Doctor Lin, his wound is a little big.

Ill cut open Nanxings palm.

You need to wait for Nanxings blood to flow before you pull out the dagger.” Mr.

Li instructed Lin Ran.

Lin Ran nodded and Mr.

Li looked at me again.

“Im going to cut open your palm.

Are you afraid”

“Im not afraid.” I shook my head fiercely.

I couldnt help but feel anxious.

He glared at me again.

“Youre scolding me in your heart for being too long-winded.

You want me to hurry up, right”

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I pursed my lips tightly and looked at him with teary eyes.

He sighed helplessly.

“If your father is still alive, I reckon that this kid would be beaten up quite often… After I cut open your palm, I need you to make sure the blood stay in your palm.

When Doctor Lin pulls out the knife, you need to use your blood to seal up his wounds.

Do you get that”

I nodded heavily.

I then handed my other hand to Mr.


He was stunned for a moment before he said angrily, “One hand is enough! Do you think your wounds can heal so easily”

I didnt take my hand back.

I looked at him with a determined gaze.

“Nanxing,” Jing Tian called me softly.

I ignored him and only looked at Mr.



Li slapped my palms heavily.

“So be it! Hmph!” The knife in his hand brushed against my palm lightly.

The pain was like an electric shock that struck my nerves.

I suddenly realized that my pain perception was extremely sensitive.

It was probably due to the Phoenix blood.

I had lived two lives.

I recovered very slowly every time I was injured.

I thought it was my delicate nature, but it was actually because of the Phoenix Blood.

“It hurts, right” Mr.

Li Looked at me.

I resolutely handed over my right hand.

He glared at me, but in the end, he still cut open my right palm.

My blood had a faint yellow halo visible to the naked eye.

I looked at the blood gathering in my palm devoutly.

The pain was no longer important to me.

Lin Ran said, “Nanxing, Im going to pull it out now.”

I nodded and looked at the dagger attentively.

The moment Lin Ran pulled the dagger out, I didnt even dare to blink.

I quickly covered the wound with my palms.

Due to the quick motion, the dagger also left a shallow cut on the back of my hand.

Jing Tians blood indeed spurted out.

My palms felt warm, and I was so nervous that I was trembling.

I said, “Jing Tian, Jing Tian, endure it! Hang in there!”


Li tutted.

“Tsk! Only youd waste Phoenix Blood like this.”

I wasnt in the mood to care about him.

I only focused on healing Jing Tians wound.

His blood mixed with my blood.

At first, Jing Tians blood flowed like a river, making me shudder in fear.

However, as more and more blood flowed out of my palm, his blood gradually coagulated and stopped flowing out.

Next, the wound began to heal.

“Tsk! Jing Tian, youre so lucky.

Even her own wounds wont heal so fast.

As expected, Phoenix Blood needs love and emotion as its catalyst.

It seems that the pair of black-hearted father and son has worked for nothing!”


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