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The battle ended very quickly.

However, Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo still managed to retreat unscathed.

While tidying up the battlefield, the leader of the third party came to my little uncle and gave him a standard military salute.

“Master Si, sorry for the disturbance.

Our mission is to capture Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo.

Well be taking our leave first.” With everyone watching, the entire team left.

They had a strict military disciple.

They didnt even look at us from the corner of their eyes.

My little uncle poked Qu Hao.

“Did your father do this”

Qu Hao smiled wryly.

“Dont be silly.

Dont you know what my fathers occupation is I would know if hes trained such a group of people.

Plus, theyre respectful to you.

I thought they were your secret weapon.”

My little uncle smiled sadly too.

“What secret weapon Ive lost almost all of them in the past few years.

Who are these people Never mind.

Well thank them properly when we meet them next time.”

They checked Jing Tians injuries and were surprised by the effect of Phoenix Blood.

We hurried back home, leaving the mess for Gu Nian to clean up.

At this point, the Seven Brothers were clearly divided, and their positions were clear.

I couldnt help but admire the neutral Gu Nian, who had withstood the pressure from both sides and maintained his own position.

No matter what, he was a brave warrior who had the courage to stick to his own guns.

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Back home, Vincent and Daisy kowtowed to me with tears in their eyes.

They never imagined that Id try so hard to save them.

They were just servants.

I didnt care about the vice presidents, but I was willing to risk my life for them.

They swore to be more devoted to their job.

They would exchange their sincerity for mine.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni hugged me tightly.

They were my most precious friends and my family in this life.

Nothing comforted me more than their safety.

Jing Tians injuries healed miraculously, but he was still a little weak.

He told everyone about our experiences.

“That kind of illusionary technique is indeed superb.

I once did a simulation with Tong Le, and the inspiration came from a wuxia novel.

It trapped people inside and made them think that they had become smaller, causing them to panic.

Tong Zhuos fake boat was similar.

When I saw the scenery outside the window, I immediately thought of our simulation.

However, I was trapped in the loop of trying to find the exit that I forgot about everything else.

This Tong Zhuo must be a very boring person! The whole thing was like a joke.” Jing Tian said in a frustrated tone.

He was frustrated that he had taken so long to get out.

Qu Hao patted Jing Tians shoulder.

“O well.

God has arrangements for everything.

If you had exited earlier, you wouldnt have overpowered the enemies since none of your allies had arrived yet.

This is already the best outcome.

Its a pity that Tong Hui and his son ran away again.”

My Little Uncle remained silent.

I stretched out my finger and tugged at my little uncles clothes.

“My Phoenix Blood is really useful.

Little Uncle, are you injured I can heal you.”

I was serious.

My Little Uncle glanced at me.

I could clearly see that his eyes were slightly red.

He turned his head away and said, “I dont have any injuries that require the Phoenix blood.

Dont you dare recklessly waste the Phoenix Blood!”

My nose couldnt help but turn sour.

“I wont waste it, but I will use Phoenix Blood to save people and cure diseases.

Little uncle, that way, the Phoenix Blood wont be wasted.

My parents were wrong.

They shouldnt try to seal up the Phoenix Blood.

If we were to openly step forward and admit this to the people, perhaps my first uncle and the others wouldnt be so crazy, and my parents wouldnt have to die.”


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