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Lu Yan did not speak.

Her arrogance had also waned.

She straightened her neck and said, “I cant do it.”

Mai Qi sneered, “In that case, well do it for you.

Well also tell Gu Nian to be careful of the people around him.”

Lu Yan suddenly burst into tears.

“What can I do If I dont do this, the whole Gu Family is watching me.

Even Gu Yan has married the son of the construction mogul and is helping the Gu Family by finding funds.

If I dont do this, Ill lose the support of the Gu family.

Do you think its easy for me”

I was surprised.

“Is that the reason for you to scheme against Gu Nian You mean to bring down Gu Nian for the sake of your position in your maiden family”

Lu Yan wiped her tears away, and she said hatefully, “What else can I do Without the Gu Family, would Gu Nian even like me If you were just a girl from an orphanage, do you think Jing Tian and Gu Nian would still care about you Do you think beauty and talent alone can draw a man in Impossible! Men are only interested in the benefits you can bring them.

Do you understand You dont! Or rather, you pretend that you dont! Youre just trying to evade the obvious.” Lu Yan said with tears in her eyes, “Moreover, Gu Nian doesnt lose anything.

As long as he marries me, he will be a family with the Gu Family.

His asset will still be his.

However, if he betrays me, then Im sorry.

Ill make him lose everything! This is his retribution.”

Mai Qi said angrily, “Dont make your despicable actions sound so grand! You knew long ago that Gu Nian was interested in Nanxing, but I havent seen you do anything to him.

You wouldnt dare.

Youre guilty and scared.

Do you dare to let Gu Nian know about the things youve done behind him Gu Nian will risk everything to leave you!”


Gu Nian will simply eliminate her,” Jing Ni said quietly.

“Gu Nian is Master Liu of the Seven Brothers.

Lets not forget his other identity because he is gentle and elegant.

Do you think the Seven Brothers is easy to deal with Do you know how old Master Gu Er was when he joined the Seven Brothers and how old Gu Nian was

“The ranking of the Seven Brothers is determined by the order in which they rose to fame.

Master Gu Er was already 40 when he joined the Seven Brothers, but Gu Nian was only 27 when he became one of the Seven Brothers.

Ruthlessness is the basic trait for every member of the Seven Brothers.” Jing Ni explained everything clearly.

Lu Yan bit her lip tightly and didnt say anything.

I looked at her and couldnt help but sigh.

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Lu Yan and Ye Qian were both children from an orphanage and the eldest daughter of the Gu family.

I didnt expect their lives would be so different.

Compared to Lu Yan, I rather admired Ye Qian, who was open in her schemes.

Ye Qian always knew what her goal was.

She was a lone wolf type who didnt trust anyone and always acted alone.

Even if she used others, she would always act cleanly, so that she wouldnt be tainted.

For example, she used Jing Ning until there was no value left in the man, but in the end, she escaped unscathed.

Instead, everyone thought that Jing Ning deserved it.

Even I, the victim, had no choice but to be impressed.

On the other hand, this woman before us was still trying to please everyone while scheming against everyone.

She thought she was smart and that others wouldnt see through her tricks.


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