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No matter what, he couldnt explain this matter clearly.

But judging from cousin Mos expression, he didnt mean to explain at all.

I quickly stopped my little uncle.

“Little uncle, weve finally reunited.

As long as were alive, its fine, right”

My little uncle glared at cousin Mo with bloodshot eyes.

Jing Tian added, “Tong Le, nothing is more important than being alive.

Besides, we still have a lot of things to do.

You can take your time to settle the scores with him in the future.”

Qu Hao patted his back.

“Youre an elder.

Dont bully him!”

My little uncle wiped his face fiercely and turned his head away.

“Do you think Im harsh enough to settle scores with this kid”

I chuckled, “Alright, there are two kids now.

Ill have a shield if Im scolded in the future.”

Looking at the awkward little uncle and cousin Mos apologetic expression, I truly felt that the past wasnt important.

Nothing was important.

As long as we were alive, everything would be fine!

Qu Hao and Jing Tian brought some people to deal with the matters on the island.

After all, there was still a lot of work to be done outside.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni were also busy with matters on the internet.

Since I had nothing better to do, I went to look for Cousin Mo.

I wanted to know more about him.

He didnt tell little uncle because he didnt want him to worry, but he could trade stories with me.

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Ye Qian stopped me outside the door.

“Nanxing, Master San needs to rest for a while.”

Half of my joy disappeared.

I thought of Cousin Mos wheelchair and asked, “Have his legs been injured”

Ye Qian shook her head gently.

We went to the living room and sat down.

Ye Qian looked at me with a gentle smile.

“Nanxing, youre still the same.”

Ye Qian was different from before, but I couldnt tell what was different about her.

“Ye Qian, youve changed,” I said bluntly.

Ye Qian nodded.

“Yes, Ive changed.

After so many things, how can I not change As for you, Ive heard about what happened to you.

But when I see you again, youre the same as before.”

I smiled.

“Am I still the same reckless and arrogant Nanxing I dont think youd ever see me change.”

Ye Qian smiled, “Why should you change You have Jing Tian and Tong Le as your backers, and they love you a lot.

So, you dont have to change.

You just have to stick to your heart.”

“What about you Is cousin Mo good to you” I asked her.

Deep down, I already considered her as one of us.

Ye Qian nodded.

“Yes! Tong Mo is my savior.”

Ye Qians answer was rather straightforward.

I was stunned for a moment before I smiled.

“Shouldnt he be your Prince Charming”

Ye Qian shook her head and smiled wryly.

“I wouldnt dare to think about that.

He is my savior.

Without him, there wouldnt be Ye Qian in this world.”

I exhaled.

“Ye Qian, sometimes you put yourself down.

Actually, theres no need for that.”

Ye Qian smiled.

“Nanxing, I had a serious illness.

I wasnt very clear-headed during the illness.

I dad a dream.”

Ye Qian suddenly changed the topic.

“In that dream, I was a very selfish woman.

I would do anything for the benefit of myself and the Gu family.

You were in my dream.”

I was surprised and smiled.

“What was the Nanxing in your dream like”

Ye Qians smile faded.

“That Nanxing was married to Jing Ning.

She was gentle and kind, but weak and incompetent.

Her in-laws and her family all despised her.

Her cousin also bullied her, and Jing Nings sisters often made fun of her.

She had her parents inheritance, and everyone was eyeing her property like a tiger eyeing its prey.”

I stopped talking.

The Nanxing that Ye Qian mentioned was my past life.


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