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“For the sake of the Gu family and myself, I interfered in her marriage, causing Jing Ning to fall in love with me.

When I found out about her family background, I schemed to transfer all her assets to Jing Ning and even joined forces with her cousin.

Her family isolated her, and when her value was exhausted, Jing Ning divorced her.

Her own family didnt even want her anymore.” Ye Qians expression was especially sorrowful, and she gave me a deep look.

“Nanxing, the Nanxing in my dream jumped into the sea while pregnant.

I forced her to do it.” Ye Qian lowered her voice.

With a deep sense of guilt, she clasped her hands together uneasily.

I looked at her, and my heart pounded.

“So” I asked her.

Ye Qian looked up at me, and she smiled in panic.

“Nanxing, in my dream, this story was very tragic.

I had never had direct contact with that Nanxing, but she died because of me.

Only then did I realize that I was such a bad person.

For the sake of the Gu family, for survival, and for my own sake, I didnt hold back.

I forced a person who didnt even have the strength to fight back to death.

I was powerful, but I was evil.

I was frightened by myself.

Nanxing, fortunately, it was just a dream.”

Ye Qian had a fearful expression on her face.

I looked at Ye Qian and said quietly, “Yes! Fortunately, it was just a dream.”

“Fortunately, Nanxing met Jing Tian in that dream.

Fortunately, the heavens compensated Nanxing and gave her a chance to start over.” Ye Qian reached out and held my hand.

Her hand was cold and wet with sweat.

I believed what she said.

In this world, besides her and me, no one else knew so much about Nanxing in her previous life.

“Nanxing, Im sorry.” Ye Qians gaze was very sincere.

I looked at our hands and smiled at her.

“Its just a dream.

Why do you have to take it seriously”

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Ye Qian shook her head.

“This dream has troubled me for a very, very long time.

Because its too real, I have no choice but to face it squarely.

I recall every single detail from the moment I met you.

I feel that its right that you dont like me.

After all, Im the person who caused your familys destruction! Im already very grateful that you dont hate me.”

I slowly pulled my hand out of her hand.

“Ye Qian, that was just a dream.

Moreover, you can see that the Nanxing in front of you isnt a weak person.

Im beautiful, strong, and blessed! Which girl do you think has such good fortune like mine”

I smiled at her.

Instead, Ye Qian stared at me.

I patted the back of her hand.

“Dont worry.

This Nanxing isnt that Nanxing, but Ill accept your apology on her behalf.

However, shes already dead, so whats the use of an apology Why dont you put your heart of atonement on the Nanxing in front of you”

I told her with a relaxed smile.

I never thought that I would receive an apology from Ye Qian.

Which bad person would apologize to the person they had been hurt If they could empathize enough to apologize, how bad could they be

After knowing my past, my parents, and Phoenix Blood, I no longer felt that much hatred towards the people and things in my previous life.

The source of this incident was actually my parents.

Due to their love for me, they forcefully changed my fate and caused the Phoenix Blood to fall into a deep sleep, resulting in the appearance of the mediocre and weak second young miss of the Nan family, Nanxing.

I had no reason to blame Ye Qian for anything.

In a world where the strong preyed on the weak, there was no point in blaming others.


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