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My suggestion made Ye Qians eyes light up.

“Nanxing, thats what I think too.”

I laughed.

“Then it looks like Im blessed to have another person to take care of me.

Its not that I didnt like you in the past.

On the contrary, I admire you very much.

Youre the most transparent and rational person among the girls around me.

Youve always known what you want.

Even if youre unscrupulous, you still do it openly.

I dont want to have anything to do with you because youre too dangerous and make me feel insecure.

I know that Im not your opponent.

Since we couldnt be friends, I didnt want to be your opponent either.

Heh, Im actually just a little afraid of you.”

Ye Qians face lit up.

“Is this your evaluation of me”

I nodded.

“Yes, every word comes from the bottom of my heart.

As for your intention to be friends, Ill accept it without hesitation!” I deliberately sighed.

“Perhaps God pities me in my previous life because Ive received so much love in this life.”

Ye Qians gaze was gentle.

“Have you received too much love Why do I feel like youve been suffering all this time Youve never had a peaceful life.”

I thought about it.

“Youre not wrong but Ive still received a lot of love.

Theres Jing Tian, my little uncle, Mai Qi, and Jing Ni.

Theres also a lot of people, a lot of love.

And now, Ive even found cousin Mo.

Ye Qian, do you know how happy I am We all thought that cousin Mo had already died back then.

In the memories that I recovered, there was almost nothing about cousin Mo.

However, I remember that he taught me poems.

I remember that he always complained about my poor physical condition and forced me to train.

I used to tattle on him to my parents.

I was very happy, but also pampered when I was young…”

I smiled as I tried my best to recall the memories.

Ye Qian looked at me and said softly, “So you still remember what happened when you were young.

Master San said that you probably dont remember anything, and I heard that you lost your memory.”

I nodded.

“I did lose my memory, and then I recovered it.

Sometimes, I cant even tell what is real and what is fake.

However, the most important thing is that I can still recognize Cousin Mo.”

Ye Qian sighed.

“He dotes on you very much.

He often talks about the interesting things that happened when you two were young.”

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I was a little puzzled.

“Does he often talk about me Then, why didnt he come to find us Even if he couldnt find me, he could always find little uncle! Little uncle is really angry.

The family massacre has always been the deepest pain in my little uncles heart.

Now that he knows Cousin Mo and even second uncle survived the massacre but didnt come to find him, hes devastated.”

Ye Qian nodded slightly.

“Master San knows all of this.

He has his own difficulties.”

I asked, “But he has always known about us, right”

Ye Qian hesitated for a moment.

Finally, she nodded.

“You guys are the closest people to him in this world.

He has been paying attention to you all the time.

But Nanxing, his health is really not good, and he doesnt want you guys to know about it.

So, he has been dragging it out.

This time, he really cant stand it anymore, so he took action.

Hes actually afraid that he wont have the chance to help you anymore if he doesnt do it now.”

The more I listened, the more confused I became.

“Ye Qian, whats wrong with cousin Mos body”

Ye Qian bit her lips and didnt say anything.


I grabbed her hand.

“Ye Qian, tell me.

Its alright.

I have a doctor here.

The best doctor.

A doctor who can treat anything!”

I was a little incoherent, but what I said was true.


Li was a miracle worker.


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