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Chapter 71: Shining Example

Shi Feng smiled generously.

“Miss Nan is too kind.

I love Nanxing.

I love her in all of her iterations.

Plus I know the real Nanxing.”

I heard a collective sucking of breath from the guests due to another open confession of love by Young Master Shi.

I sneaked a glance at Jing Tian.

His face didnt look so pretty.

Shi Feng looked at him provokingly.

“I love Nanxing, does Master Tian has any objection to that”

I looked at Jing Tian.

I assumed that he would ignore this remark like he usually did.

However, Jing Tian surprised me by nodding! I couldnt say my heart didnt move.

“Nanxing will not like you.

Master Young Shi, please stop wasting your time.” Jing Tian said.

Shi Feng shrugged.

“Its not a waste of my time.

If Nanxing spends more time with me, Im sure shell fall in love with me.”

Nanyang smiled sweetly and told Shi Feng, “Young Master Shi, you shouldnt say things like that in public.

Youre embarrassing my poor little sister!”

This Nanyang truly knows how to ruin my day.

Its like her purpose in life is to make mine difficult.

Jing Tian must be greatly provoked because I could feel the muscles under his sleeve tighten.

I pinched his arm imperceptibly.

I turned to smile at Shi Feng and Nanyang.

“Im so sorry but Young Master Shi, you are really not my type, even if we spend an eternity together, I will not love you.

Furthermore, I am still in high school.

Since my teacher doesnt permit me to be in a relationship, then I shall listen to his orders.” Then I turned to beam a bright smile at Jing Tian.

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A flash of warmth revealed in Jing Tians eyes.

At that moment, Li Yuan finally understood the situation.

Her face cracked.

“Nan, Nanxing, you cant leave with your little uncle.

This is your home! You are my second daughter, dont you know that You cant leave.” I raised my eyebrow at her.

With much difficulty, Li Yuan forced a smile.

“Nanxing, come to mama.

Ill have your cousin apologize to you, okay”

Li Tian looked at Li Yuan in shock.

“Auntie What do you mean” Li Yuan ignored Li Tian and only focused on me.

Only then I realize how low one persons bottom line could be when they decided to live without dignity.

In just a few minutes, Li Yuans attitude had changed 180 degrees.

It was like a different person had taken over her body.

The guests were shocked.

Even they didnt know how to react to this great change.

In any case, all the eyes focused on me.

I smiled kindly at Li Yuan, “But mother, have you forgotten You told me to stay with teacher and Jing Ni until the college entrance exam is over.” I returned the ball back to her court.

Li Yuans face paled and she turned to Jing Tian.

Jing Tian was expressionless like this had nothing to do with him.

Shi Feng looked at me and Jing Tian with amusement.


Nan, why do you insist on making Nanxing stay Based on my observation, none of the people at Nan Family seem to like Nanxing that much.

Or is Master Si right The Nan Family is only after the allowance given by the Tong Family” Shi Feng suddenly shifted his attention, turning his aggression on Li Yuan.

Honestly I was surprised that hed say something like that.

I turned to him and Shi Feng winked at me.

I turned my head away again.

Li Yuans face darkened but she didnt dare to be mad at Shi Feng.

All the guests at the party were clever people.

What Tong Le said still echoed in their eyes.

The way they looked at Li Yuan changed.

Nanyang said softly, “Young Master Shi, my mother wants to keep Nanxing around because my sister is very obedient and sensible.

My mother always treats Nanxing like she is her real daughter.

It has nothing to do with money.

Even though the Nan Family is not super rich, we are not poor enough that we cant support Nanxing.

Young Master Shi, please dont buy into such nonsensical words.”

Even I felt like giving Nanyang a thumbs up.

She truly knew how to use words as weapons.

The dignified eldest Miss Nan, she truly lived up to her reputation!

Shi Feng took a serious look at Nanyang.

Nanyang lowered her eyes as if embarrassed.

Jing Ning who stood to the side looked at Nanyang with great admiration.


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