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Cousin Mo was stunned.

The light in his eyes dimmed bit by bit.

“Nanxing, Ive never thought like that before.

I dont want to implicate any of you.

If it werent for my fathers business mistake and his inability to protect you, the Tong family wouldnt have fallen into such a state.

My father died with a grievance.

Im alive to atone for my fathers sins.

I cant drag you down.”

His voice was light and firm.

I went forward to hug him.

I couldnt hold back my tears anymore.

“But youre my older brother.

I dont want you to die.

I want you to live!”

His arms slowly closed around me bit by bit.

He hugged me in his arms.

My memories suddenly returned to the chaotic and unclear memories of my childhood.

Cousin Mo had always protected me like this.

It was when I was tired of crying that I was finally willing to sit down and talk to him properly.

“Nanxing, youre crying until my heart is broken.” He finally sighed helplessly.

I sobbed a little.

“I havent cried like this in so many years.

Ive been captured by them and tortured every day as a lab rat.

Ive never cried before, but youve made me cry so hard.”

My tears fell again.

“Nanxing, Im sorry,” cousin Mo apologized without thinking.

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I grabbed his hand.

“Cousin Mo, Promise me that youll let Mr.

Li treat You.

When we return to China, well definitely find all the medicinal herbs.


Li said that before we find the medicinal herbs, well use Phoenix Blood to stabilize your conditions.

Once we find the medicinal herbs, well be able to cure your illness.

You cant give up.

Think about little uncle and me.

Little uncle hasnt had a good sleep for so many years.

He wont be able to walk out of this shadow for the rest of his life.

Youre going to help him.

Think about Ye Qian too.

You know how rough her life has been.

How can you bear to leave her Youre the one who gave her sunshine and hope.

If you werent here, she would have nothing left.”

Cousin Mos eyes were filled with tears.

“Cousin Mo, we only have a home if youre here.

Little Uncle, you, and me.

You and Ye Qian, little uncle and Ma Ji, Jing Tian and me.

Our home will flourish little by little.

Little uncle and I cant afford to lose our loved ones again.

“Dont think that using my blood to save you is a burden.

If youre the one with Phoenix Blood and Im the one whos sick, are you going to save me” I looked at cousin Mo.

He nodded without hesitation.


So, why cant I save you Mr.

Li has promised Jing Tian that hed stay with us.

Ive asked him to study the Phoenix Blood because I want to use it to save more people.

Brother, the Phoenix Blood is my destiny, and I lost my parents because of it.

However, I understand that destiny cant be swayed.

Im given the Phoenix Blood for a reason.

I have to make some contributions, right I have so many things that I need your help with.

Who would treat me so wholeheartedly like my brother”

Cousin Mo was moved.

I struck while the iron was hot.

“Just think of it as using your body as a test.

After all, our family doesnt have any record of using the Phoenix Blood to treat any illnesses before.

Eldest uncle and cousin Zhuo have been tormenting me for years, but they havent succeeded in anything.

This isnt an easy task.

Plus, we cant just drag someone off the streets to conduct the experiment.

Brother Mo, youre our only hope!”

After I sorted out my thoughts, my expression became smoother.

Cousin Mos eyes lit up.

“Nanxing, Mr.

Li, can he really… ”

I nodded firmly.

“Yes, he can.

If theres only one person in this world who can use Phoenix Blood as a medicine, its Mr.



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