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“Why else” Su Shen straightened her neck, expressing her dissatisfaction.

Su Qian looked at me.

“We have Master Si and Master Qi.

And now, we even have Master San on our side.

No matter how angry or furious Master Gu Er is, he wont dare to act rashly.

Hes already a thousand-year-old fox.”

I nodded.

“But no matter what, Ye Qian has angered him.

Tell Xiao Yi and Lu Heng to be on high alert.”

Su Shen hurriedly said, “Dont worry.

We have plenty of men now.

They wont dare to make a move.”

Su Shen always had a confident look on her face.

She didnt need to use her brains because there were more than a few Masters around.

She just needed to play her role as a famous assassin.

Even I wasnt as optimistic as her.

That was why we liked having her around.

Ye Qian pushed cousin Mo out of the room.

I quickly went up to him.

“Cousin Mo, are you guys going out”

Cousin Mo smiled and turned to look at Ye Qian behind him.

“I want to accompany her to meet someone.”

I asked Ye Qian, “Who are you going to meet Gu Nian”

Ye Qian smiled and didnt hide anything from me.

“Lu Yan is looking for me.

Im going to meet her.

Master San is also thinking of going out for a walk.

Hes in good spirits today.” Then, she looked at me gratefully.

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I squatted down and looked up at cousin Mo.

“The person shes going to meet is of a very bad character.

Are you sure you want to meet her”

Cousin Mo reached out and touched my head.

“Ill accompany her.”

I smiled until my eyes curved into crescents.

I stood up and said to Ye Qian, “Ill get Xiao Yi and Lu Heng to go with you.”

Cousin Mo looked up and smiled.

“Why would I need your people I have living, breathing people around me too!”

I had forgotten that he was Master San.

In my eyes, he was still my Cousin Mo.

I wanted to protect him.

Ye Qian understood me.

She pulled my hand and said gently, “Dont worry about us.

Why dont you go and see Gu Nian Weve almost finished discussing our cooperation.

He wants to see you, but he doesnt have a suitable reason or excuse.”

“Why would he need an excuse to see me” I asked.

Ye Qian gave me a faint smile.

She was a little helpless.

“Nanxing, why is your EQ so low when it comes to these things”

I scratched my head.

Ye Qian shook her head and sighed.

“Gu Nian is also a person with a hard life.”

Cousin Mo replied, “Thats also his blessing.”

Ye Qian smiled.

“The men of the Tong family all speak in the same tone.

Master Si said the same thing.”

“What are you talking about” I asked Ye Qian.

Ye Qian smiled but didnt say anything.

Cousin Mo said gently, “Go find Jing Tian and ask him to accompany you to meet Gu Nian.

Hes going to be the president soon.

His life will be a new beginning from now on.

You are his friend.

Go and congratulate him.”

I nodded.

Thats true.

However, I couldnt resist the chance for gossip.

I said in a clear voice, “Su Qian and Su Shen, stay with Miss Ye and protect her.”

Everyone looked at me with a smile.

I walked away with my head held high.

It didnt matter if they saw through my thoughts.

This was my love for life.

It was a good thing to be curious about everything!

I was already dying of curiosity about Ye Qian and Lu Yans meeting.

How could I not release the little gossip, Su Shen, to watch this meeting

I went to look for Jing Tian and we departed to look for Gu Nian.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni were left behind to guard the headquarters.

The two of them didnt complain at all.

My little uncle and Qu Hao were busy in the conference room.

It was likely that they wouldnt go out with either of us.

This kind of life with someone by our sides was full and sweet.


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