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Chapter 72: Resistance is Futile

“Jing Ni, Nanxing, its time to go home!” Jing Tian shattered this awkward situation.

Jing Ni rushed to grab my hand as if worried that I would be stolen by others.

“Wait…” Several people wanted to stop us.

Jing Tian said without turning his head, “You can discuss among yourself the issue of Nanxings custody but I will take my student with me.

When you have come to a result, come to the Jing Family to inform me.” Jing Ni and I gave Jing Tian a thumbs up when no one was looking.

When my little uncle returned, it was already midnight.

I just finished another test paper.

I bounced down the stairs to welcome him by giving him a large hug.

Before I got close, I already smelled the alcohol on him.

I was startled by the smell and before I could react, I was pulled back.

I failed to hug him~

I turned around to look at Jing Tian and gave him a big smile.

My little uncle darted forward to hug me.

Then he glared at Jing Tian.

“This is my only niece, why would you stop her from hugging me!”

Jing Tian ignored him.

“Little uncle, why do you smell so heavy of alcohol Who have you been drinking with” I asked him. If it was with Nan Feng, then it would have been extremely strange.

Or was Nan Feng trying to make my little uncle forget about the offense by feeding him alcohol

My little uncle said proudly, “Its with my lawyer! Ive found the best lawyer to fight for your custody! If Nan Feng refuses, Ill make him bankrupt! Nanxing, from now on, little uncle will take care of you.

No one will dare to bully you anymore!”

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My heart was warmed.

If my little uncle had appeared in my previous life, perhaps my ending wouldnt be so sad.

But then again there was no use dawdling in the past.

It was best to focus on the present!

Jing Tian uttered, “Actually, you dont even need to do that.

Nanxing will turn 18 a month after the college entrance exam.

Then shell be legally independent.

Shell take full custody of herself.” Suddenly his tone dipped with frost.

“But before shes 18, she has to stay here.

Theres no way shes leaving until she gets into M University!”

Honestly I had no problem with that arrangement.

Then I realized this was Jing Tians plan ever since he saw me that day at the greenhouse.

Whether my little uncle appeared or not, he would use his way to shelter me.

To my surprise, my little uncle said, “To be frank, I would be less worried leaving Nanxing with you than those group of hyenas.” Then he tapped Jing Tians shoulders.

“But I have to fight for Nanxings custody rights, even if it just for a month.

That way, Nanxing can stay here and study with you peacefully.

And you wouldnt need to deal with those people anymore.”

I was touched.

My little uncle had gone far and beyond what I had expected of him.

He would do everything within him power to protect me.

My little uncle stumbled and slumped on the couch from the heavy drinking.

Jing Tian ordered, “Go and make a glass of honey water for your uncle.” I obliged.

I handed the glass to him but my uncle could barely hold it without it tipping over.

Jing Tian sighed as he took over the glass from me.

He straightened my little uncle and helped him with the water.

After little uncle finished the glass, he sobered up a little.

“Ol Qi, thank you! I really need to thank you for everything youve done for Nanxing! I will remember this!”

Jing Tian sighed, “Youre drunk.

You need to go to sleep.

Tomorrow morning, you still need to go meet your lawyer.”

“Yes, you have a point.

I need to sleep and be prepared to deal with that old fox, Nan Feng!” Then he turned to me.

“Nanxing, Nanxing, dont you worry! I will save you from the Nan Family! If anyone bullies you again, tell me, I will break their legs!”

My little uncle then staggered towards his room.

He almost tripped on the stairs.

Jing Tian and I hurried over to help him.

After we settled my little uncle in bed, we left his bedroom.

Jing Tian returned to his bedroom and I followed behind him.

My bedroom was down the corridor from Jing Tians bedroom but when he opened the door to his bedroom, I walked in after him.

Jing Tian froze for a moment before he demanded coldly, “What are you doing Go back to your room! Its time to sleep!”

I jumped up to ambush him.

I stood on tiptoe and tried my best to reach his lips.

I wanted to kiss him.

Jing Tian stood there not moving.

I grabbed his collar and forcibly pulled his head down.

Hmph! Resistance is futile! Let me kiss you! Finally, my lips touched Jing Tians.

I could hear his helpless sigh in my ears.

His hands wrapped around my body.

The warmth of his palms filtered through the thin fabric of my clothes and made my heart tremble.


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