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He bowed deeply to the various cameras and equipment in front of him.

“Please wait and see for my achievements.

Dont pay any more attention to my personal relationships.

Thank you!”

Gu Nian turned around elegantly and left in large strides, leaving behind a group of reporters with their mouths widened.

No one could handle this scene.

Lu Yan finally let out a wail after a long time.

It looked like she really had nowhere else to go.

I turned off the video and asked Su Shen, “What happened after that”

Su Shen shrugged.

“President Gu was still very kind.

In the end, he still informed Master Gu Er to come and pick her up.

I dont know what he told Master Gu Er, but Master Gu Er actually came to fetch Lu Yan.

I think only Master Gu Er and Master Liu knew what was exchanged.”

I thought for a moment.

“I can venture a guess.

Master Gu Er didnt care about this before because he wanted to make use of Lu Yan to humiliate Gu Nian.

However, Gu Nian used this opportunity to recover his lost reputation.

Then, Gu Nian sent someone to inform Master Gu Er openly.

Under everyones watchful eyes, even if Master Gu Er didnt stay on this island anymore, he still wanted to be a part of the underworld.

No one could afford to lose face like this, so he could only bring Lu Yan back.

Moreover, he couldnt do anything to Lu Yan because the risk was too great.

Gu Nian was soft-hearted.

He saved Lu Yans life and let her go, but Master Gu Er is going to hate him so much.”

Su Shen tilted her head and thought for a long time.

“How are your brains wired How can you come up with such complicated stuff”

I ignored her.

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Su Qian, who had always been invisible, kept up with me as she stroked Su Qings head.

“You should take a look at your own brain.

Why is it so uncomplicated”

“What do you mean” Su Shen didnt understand.

Without looking back, I made an explanation for Su Shen.

“Shes calling you stupid!”

We finally embarked on the journey back to our country by sea.

Ma Jis heart and my blood were very useful for cousin Mos condition.

He could stand up longer.

Ye Qian was in a nervous, excited, and grateful state every day.

To be honest, this Ye Qian was a complete stranger to me.

Gu Nian was in charge of the matters on the island, and Ye Qians investments were in place step by step in an orderly manner.

However, behind the calm, there was an invisible surge of waves.

There had never been a moment of peace in the underworld.

The news of the Seven Brothers splitting up was spread the moment Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu left the island.

At the same time, the news of Master San appearing also spread like wildfire.

Master San, Master Si, Master Liu, and Master Qi stood in the same line.

Some people cheered and jumped for joy, while naturally, there were also people who were frightened.

With that, it became imperative to prepare for a rainy day.

Our party was growing larger and larger.

We had our own duties and could cooperate well.

Jing Ni and Mai Qi were very good, and now they were joined by Ye Qian.

In terms of computers and networks, Ye Qian was not as good as us, but in practical experience, Ye Qian was a seasoned veteran.

She was more than enough to be our mentor.

Moreover, cousin Mo, who was getting more and more energetic, wanted to teach us everything he had learned in his life.

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The journey provided the best time for the three of us to study.


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