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Jing Tian hugged me in his arms and rested his chin on my head.

I could feel his breathing.

“Nanxing, with me around, no one can hurt you!” He said in a muffled voice after a long while.

I chuckled.

I pushed him away gently and raised my head, and my eyes were full of starlight.

“This is great.

Ive decided that Im Tang San Zhang, Mai Qi is the second brother, Zhu Bajie.

Ye Qian is the eldest brother, Sun Wukong.

Jing Ni is the third brother, Sa Wujing.

Dont you think its perfect for us”

Jing Tian didnt say anything.

He ruffled my hair.

“Jing Tian, tell me, who would have such a legendary life like mine”

Jing Tian sighed lightly.

“I only hope that your life will be bland and blissful.” His voice was muffled.

I reached out and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I rubbed my arms against his chest.

“Dont be so unhappy.

We know this will happen anyway.

Lets face it calmly.

After experiencing so many life and death situations, my only wish now is to be with you.

As long as Im with you, Ill be fine no matter what.

I dont want to be separated from you again, and I dont want to lose my memory.

No matter what happens in the future, as long as youre by my side, Im not afraid of anything, and I dont care!”

Jing Tian hugged my hand tightly.

“Nanxing, I swear that I will never be separated from you again.

Even if I have to die, I will die with you.”

Our wish is to be together through life and death.

Jing Tian has sacrificed too much for me in my two lives.

I dont care how long I can live.

I only care if Jing Tian is by my side.

As long as my lover and relatives were safe and sound, it didnt matter what kind of demons and monsters I had to face.

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Slowly, I was gaining memories of my background.

I was able to understand how much my parents loved me.

Every time I learned something, my conviction became stronger.

I had to live well and face the challenges bravely.

Before I went ashore, I could clearly feel that everyone was nervous.

If they could, they wanted to put a bulletproof net around me.

Their nervous expressions made me laugh, but I was also touched.

With so many people who loved me, I had a very good life.

The Phoenix Blood wasnt my fault, but I had to accept its mission.

I was chosen by it.I couldnt give up on myself.

However, before I got ashore, I avoided the crowd and went to look for Qu Hao and Mr.


My youngest uncle, cousin Mo, and Jing Tian were my closest relatives.

If anything happened to me, they wouldnt be able to remain calm and rational.

Having lived two lives, I was taught that things were fickle.

I had to be prepared for anything.

“I want to make a will,” I went straight to the point.


Li was startled.

“What Are you looking down on me Do you think I cant protect your life” Mr.

Li ultimately didnt know too much about the dangers of the underworld.

I smiled.

“Ive never doubted your ability, but I cant trust people outside, Mr.


Qu Hao understood what I meant after thinking for a moment.

He sighed softly.

“Nanxing, its been hard on you.”

I shook my head.

“No, Ive already gained too much.

Im too blessed, and I cant be content.

So, these hardships are quite good.” I wasnt just saying that.

I cherished my life not only because I wanted to live happily with Jing Tian but also because I wanted to do more meaningful things on my own.

I wanted to leave a mark on my life so that I wouldnt have lived in vain.


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