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My heart was beating wildly.

All the words Auntie Lan had said suddenly flooded into my mind.

Oh no, Auntie Lan…

The door opened, and a bloody smell assailed my nostrils.

Auntie Lan was leaning against the bathtub, her hand floating in the water.

The vat of blood was a ghastly sight.

“Auntie Lan…” I pounced on her, but Auntie Lan had already fainted.

Jing Tian didnt say a word.

He bent down to pick up Auntie Lan and said in a low voice, “Call Mr.


I suddenly woke up.

This wasnt the time to be sad.

I shouted to the people who had followed me in, “Call Mr.

Li to come quickly!”

Then I grabbed a towel and pressed it onto Auntie Lans hand.

Jing Tian placed Auntie Lan on the bed, and blood gushed out.

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I pressed the towel tightly, and my heart beat like a drum.

I couldnt help but recall the incident when I spat out the voodoo worm after I met Jing Tian.

I didnt know if my blood would be of any use in this situation.

“Mom! Mom!” Jing Tian patted Auntie Lans face lightly and called out to her in a trembling voice.


Li rushed over.

Seeing this situation, he didnt say anything.

He took out an exquisite dagger from his boot and handed it to me.

“Nanxing, I need the blood from the tip of your index finger.”

Without saying anything, I took the dagger and stabbed it into the tip of my left index finger.

The blood slowly flowed out, carrying a faint golden color.


Li had already removed the towel that I had used to cover Auntie Lans wound, causing the blood to flow out rapidly.


Li grabbed my hand and delivered it to Auntie Lans pale lips.

When my blood disappeared into Auntie Lans lips, the blood on Auntie Lans wrist immediately stopped.

Was it really that magical

I looked at Mr.

Li in surprise.


Li said, “Nanxing, continue feeding her.

Dont stop.

We have to force the worm out first.

We cant wait any longer!”

I didnt have the time to ask the reason in detail.

I raised my hand and cut my fingertip again.

“Why Mr.

Li, what exactly happened”Jing Tian was so anxious.

“Calm down! The situation has changed now.

We need to adapt.

Nanxing, take your hand and drop your blood on this wound.

Be careful.

The worm will come out in a while.

Firstly, you need to prevent it from entering your wound.

Secondly, we need to stop it from crawling back into Madams body.

Get it” Mr.

Li instructed calmly.

However, his forehead was already covered in sweat.

I nodded.

Beside me, Wang You was already on full alert, holding a small box in her hand as she waited with a grave expression.

The moment my bloody finger approached the wound on Auntie Lans wrist, Auntie Lans entire body started to spasm.

“Master Qi, hold her down!” Mr.

Li hurriedly instructed.

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Auntie Lan struggled intensely and painfully.

The worm twisted out of the wound.

It tried to jump at my finger but was caught by Wang You with the box.

I quickly dripped my own blood onto Auntie Lans wound.

The wound healed at speed visible to the naked eye.

I heaved a sigh of relief and fell to the ground.

Auntie Lan had already regained her calm and fell asleep peacefully.


Li wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Master Qi, go and see if there are any suspicious people around.”

Jing Tian was stunned for a moment.

I said directly, “Jing Tian, check if there are any of Aunt Lans brothers and sisters around us.

Actually, you should check if there are any traces of Xiao Zhi.”

I was certain that even if the culprit wasnt Xiao Zhi, they were related to Xiao Zhi!

This was inevitable.

Jing Tian reached out his hand to pull me up.

The wound on my fingertip had healed.

I signaled him to be at ease and told him to get back to work.

I would take care of Auntie Lan.


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